Re-Scheduled Ram Sale – Kelso Ram Sales 2020

As you may be aware, the annual Kelso Ram Sales for this year have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place preventing a sale of such a scale going ahead.

However, it is the intention of L&S to provide all our customers with an alternative this year.

Our intention is to collate all entries as normal and offer facilities at Lanark Agricultural Centre to host sales for each of the breeds we sell at Kelso on the following dates:

Friday 11 September – MV Texel
Wednesday 16 September – MV Charollais / Non MV Texels / Non MV X Breeds
Saturday 26 September – Bluefaced Leicesters

Please note that these dates are for this year only to allow us to provide an alternative to the Kelso Ram Sale. The sales and corresponding capacity will be run in line with COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines in force at the time.

The sale on Wednesday 16 September builds on our two-day sale of Border Leicesters and Suffolks (16th Sep) and MV Texels and Beltex (17th Sep) which we hope will enable us to attract a larger audience of buyers.

Link to Statement released by Border Union, Kelso (8th July 2020) -

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