Press Release

The Directors of Lawrie & Symington have taken the sad decision to commence consultation with staff with their intention to cease auction sales at their market at Forfar.

A statement from the Lawrie & Symington Board reads:“Forfar market has long provided a valued service to the agricultural community supported by an extremely loyal customer base. However, livestock marketed through Forfar continues to reduce year on year with cattle numbers this year back 30%.”

“Although we have identified other potential revenue streams for Forfar, the market’s main income source must be from livestock sales commission and current throughput numbers, coupled with ever increasing operating costs are not sustainable.

“The Directors note the loyalty of their Forfar customers, both sellers and buyers and continue to thank them for their support. Our Intention will be to continue running sales through the market until 5th May."

“Scottish agriculture has lost so many marts from traditional ‘market towns’ over the years and we fear that the current downward trend in national livestock numbers will only exacerbate this problem in the future. We recognise the history of the market at Forfar and what its closure would mean to the farming community. The Board of Directors also have a responsibility to their shareholders and have not taken this decision lightly or hastily.”

“Our staff remains our priority and its important that we work hard to support our Forfar team at this unsettling time.”

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