Ukraine Charity Fundraiser

Lawrie and Symington’s Ukraine Charity Fundraiser

Lawrie and Symington Ltd have held various fundraisers over the last few months to raise funds for the Ukraine Disaster Appeal.

We would like to thank everyone for their very kind donations and the following for their donations of Livestock where the proceeds of the sale was donated to the fund.

Thanks also to Messrs D Cunningham, Walkerdyke for donating a bottle of Famous Grouse Whisky which was Auctioned to the sum of £2480.

In total we raised £7362.00


Messrs B Campbell, Howes Way

Messrs S Lambie, Ashcraig

Donated Lambs

Messrs D Cunningham, Walkerdyke

Messrs A Baillie, Broomfield

Messrs HP Frame, Turdees

Messrs D Fleming & Son, Nether Brotherston

Messrs A Taylor, Heatheryhall

Messrs A Minto & Son, Townhead

Birthwood Farm Partnership

MacKinnon Sheep Shearing, The Dairy

Messrs TA & R Laird, Cambwell

Messrs R Drife & Son, Netherhill

Messrs R & RB McLean, Walesley

Donated Cattle

Messrs JN GN & H Wilkins, Wester Whitecastle

Messrs W Steel & Co, Cumberhead


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