Lanark Sale Dates

August 2020

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  • Weekly Sale of Prime Cattle & Sheep, Cast Cows, Cast Ewes & Calves
  • Poultry Sale Cancelled
  • Weekly Prime Sheep, Cast Ewes, Prime Cattle and Store Cows
  • Store Cattle
  • Online Implement sale starts
  • Sale of Tractors, Farm Implements & Machinery Cancelled
  • Online Implement sale closes
  • Grand Opening Sale of Store Lambs also Feeding Ewes
  • Weekly Sale of Prime Cattle & Sheep, Cast Cows, Cast Ewes & Calves
  • Poultry Sale
  • Sale of Store Lambs including Sale of Scotch Mule Wedder Lambs also Feeding Ewes
  • Weekly Prime Sheep, Cast Ewes, Prime Cattle and Store Cows
  • Store Cattle and Monthly Sale of Breeding Cattle
  • Premier Sale of Pedigree Texel Sheep (Under the Auspices of Texel Sheep Society)
  • Premier Sale of Pedigree Texel Sheep (Under the Auspices of Texel Sheep Society)
  • Sale of Store Lambs and Feeding Ewes
  • Weekly Sale of Prime Cattle & Sheep, Cast Cows, Cast Ewes & Calves
  • 20Aug 2020

    Poultry Sale

    Due to government legislation our poultry sales cannot run as normal and have had to be altered for us to be able to hold such a sale. New rules have to be applied and adhered to, these rules as as follows;

    We cannot accept livestock such as budgies, finches, canaries etc as these are too small to be held in our cages.

    No eggs or sundry items will be sold.

    Vendors will be limited to 10 cages per class per consignment.

    Cages for the entire sale will be capped at 200.

    We have to limit the amount of buyer's (max amount still to be confirmed) we will work this on a first come first serve basis, we ask that only intended buyer's register

    Buyers MUST pre-register to gain entry to our sale (this will open 7 days prior to the sale, by contacting the main office 01555 662281 and close at 5pm Tuesday 19th August), there will only be one person per household allowed entry via buyer's registration. Bidders numbers will be given this will correspond to your allocated seat.

    Vendors that intend to buy will only be allowed entry to the sale if they have pre-registered as a buyer.

    2m guidelines (subject to change) must be adhered too at all times and face coverings are advised.

    All entries must be in cages for no later than 10am.

    A viewing gallery will be set up (10-11am) to allow for stock to be viewed prior to the sale, each person will have a limited amount of time to view per item via a one way system.

    Sale will commence in the general hall, each buyer will be seated in accordance with government guidelines and will be sold via catalogue to prevent gathering around cages.

    The amount of people entering to collect stock will be monitored to avoid congestion.

    Entries are now open and will close 10 days prior to the sale (Monday 10th August at 5pm). No late entries will be accepted as will no substitutes. No telephone entries will be accepted, email or post only.

  • 11Sep 2020

    Kelso Ram Sales - Cancelled


    As you may be aware, the annual Kelso Ram Sales for this year have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place preventing a sale of such a scale going ahead.

    However, it is the intention of L&S to provide all our customers with an alternative this year.

    Our intention is to collate all entries as normal and offer facilities at Lanark Agricultural Centre to host sales for each of the breeds we sell at Kelso on the following dates:

    Friday 11 September – MV Texel
    Wednesday 16 September – MV Charollais / Non MV Texels / Non MV X Breeds
    Saturday 26 September – Bluefaced Leicesters

    Please note that these dates are for this year only to allow us to provide an alternative to the Kelso Ram Sale. The sales and corresponding capacity will be run in line with COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines in force at the time.

    The sale on Wednesday 16 September builds on our two-day sale of Border Leicesters and Suffolks (16th Sep) and MV Texels and Beltex (17th Sep) which we hope will enable us to attract a larger audience of buyers.

    Link to Statement released by Border Union, Kelso (8th July 2020) -

  • 11Sep 2020

    Sale of MV Texel Rams & Ram Lambs

    Entries Close 27th July.

  • 29Sep 2020

    Blackface Draft Ewes & Gimmers / September Soiree

    Principal Sale of 5/6 yr old Blackface Ewes and Gimmers also other Blackface and Cheviot Ewes and Stock Ewes, 2nd Sale of Blackface Ewe Lambs/Sale of Scotch Mule and Continental Ewes, Gimmers and Ewe Lambs/Annual "September Soiree" of all classes of Rams including Show and Sale of Bluefaced Leicester Rams

  • 09Oct 2020

    Sale of Store Lambs Feeding Ewes/Breeding Rams

    Second Sale of Blackface and Cheviot Wedder Lambs (in conjunction with Livestock Marketing (Borders) Ltd)

    All other Store Lambs and Feeding Ewes

    October Multi Breed Sale of Rams and Ram Lambs

  • 05Nov 2020

    Final Fling

    Sale of all classes of Rams, Ram Lambs and Females including Second Sale of Blackface Rams and Ram Lambs


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