Sale Date: 24 Oct 2018 – Weekly Primestock Sale



Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 20 Prime Cattle, 1 Cow and 1 Bull and 603 Prime Sheep.


Bullocks (8) Sold to a top of 2.59p per kg and £1711.99 for a 661 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by Falconer Family Butchers, Arbroath to average 2.51p per kg.

Heifers (12) Sold to a top of 2.63p per kg for a 516 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by the Firm of J.B. Penman, Crail and to £1522.20 for a 590 kg Limousin from West Bog and purchased by Scott Bros., Dundee to average 2.50p per kg.

Leading Prices per kg. –

Bullocks –

Lim. 2.56p Woodhead of Mailer, 2.55p Nethermyres & Woodhead of Mailer, 2.51p South Ballo, 2.48p Woodhead of Mailer.

Heifers –

Lim. 2.60p & 2.59p South Ballo, 2.58p Nethermyres , South Ballo & West Bog, 2.54p (twice) West Bog; Sim. x 2.37p Pityot; Char. x 2.32p Pityot.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1586.32 South Ballo, £1512.15 Nethermyres; Char. x £1494.64 & £1416.10 Pityot.

Heifers –

Lim. £1498.98 South Ballo, £1468.12 West Bog, £1455.58 South Ballo, £1435.10 West Bog; Sim. x £1365.12 & £1234.31 Pityot; Char. £1231.92 Pityot.

COW (1)

A.A. x £845 (1.15p) Waterside of Thornton

BULL (1)

Beef. Short. X £1100 Waterside of Thornton


PRIME LAMBS (523) Sold to 187.5p per kilo from Nether Logie and to £90 per head (3 times) from Drumyellow, Fallaw and Nether Logie to average 158.6p per kil (plus 1p)

Leading Prices per kilo –

Belt. 184.8p Balbrydie; Tex. 180.7p Shandford; Texel x 173.9p Nether Logie; Cont. 172p (twice) Whitemyre.

Leading Prices per head –

Belt. £85 Balbrydie; Tex. £81 Gathercauld; Tex.x £80 Grange of Conon & Ferniebrae; Cont. x £80 (three times) Broadshade.

EWES & RAMS  (80)

Belt. £100 Balbrydie; Texel £98 Cairnleith; Tex. X £95 Shandford; Suff. £85 Upper Tulloes.

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