Sale Date: Saturday, 2nd April, 2022 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington, Forfar held their Annual Show and Sale of Young Farmers over wintering calf competion. The Show was in the capable hands by Mr Craig Malone, Pitcairn who we thank for his time and expertise.
Today’s Shows were kindly sponsored by Alexander Gauld, Farmer & Haulage Contractors, Harbro, Savills, Jockey Jan Memorial Fund, NFU Mutual, Agri-Lloyd, A.M. Phillip Trucktech, The Scottish & Northern Charolais Breeders Assoc. , Algo and Dunmor Agri Country Store.
There may have been a small show of Young Farmers cattle forward, but it was quality over quantity all the way. We thank all the buyers for their continued support of the Young Farmers, encouraging the next generation of farmers.
Champion calf in the show yard was a superb Limousin Heifer consigned by Brechin Member Lyndsay Nelson scaling 456 kgs and topping at £1650, to the judge Mr. Craig Malone.
Reserve Champion calf came from Robbie Wills, Forfar Young Farmers with a shapely Limousin Heifer scaling 554 kgs and peaked at £1620 also to the judge Mr. Craig Malone.
Best Animal Opposite Sex to Champion was exhibited by Ashleigh Nelson, Brechin Y.F., a superb Limousin Bullock who hit the scales at 502 kgs selling to £1530 to J.L.I. Thomson, Middleton of Potterton Farm.
Class 1 – Bullocks Haltered
1st – Ashleigh Nelson, Brechin Y.F. – 502 kg - £1530 (Best Animal Opposite Sex to Champion)
2nd – Lyndsay Nelson, Brechin Y.F. – 462 kg - £1500
3rd – Ruby Simpson, Strathmore Y.F. – 490 kg - £1340
Class 2 – Bullock Un-Haltered
1st – Rachel Allison, Brechin Y.F. – 544 kg - £1480
Class 3 – Heifers Haltered
1st – Lyndsay Nelson, Brechin Y.F. – 456 kg - £1650 (Champion)
2nd – Robbie Wills – Forfar Y.F. – 554 kg - £1620 (Reserve Champion)
3rd – Ashleigh Nelson – Brechin Y.F. – 510 kg - £1420
Class 4 – Heifers Un-Haltered
1st – Sarah Nelson – Brechin Y.F. –366 kg - £1000
CHAMPION – Lyndsay Nelson - Brechin Y.F.
RESERVE CHAMPION – Robbie Wills – Forfar Y.F.
Best Haltered Trained – Ruby Simpson – Strathmore Y.F.
Best Turned Out – Lyndsay Nelson – Brechin Y.F.
Best Daily Liveweight Gain – Alistair McCarthy – Forfar Y.F. – 1.46kgs
Best Return on Capital – Lyndsay Nelson – Brechin Y.F. - £730
Best Animal Opposite Sex to Champion – Ashleigh Nelson – Brechin Y.F.
Highest Placed Calf Sired by a Charolais Bull – Lyndsay Nelson – Brechin Y.F.

Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 632 Store Cattle.
We had a fabulous show of stock on offer for the Spring Show and Sale. All consignors should be highly commended on the quality of cattle put forward.
The Spring Show and Sale Champion came from Messrs W. McLaren, Muirhouses, a beautiful black Limousin Bullock scaling 564kg selling at £1570 to the judge Mr. Craig Malone.
The Reserve Champion was a sweet red Limousin heifer consigned by Charlotte Cooper, Govals Farm scaling 438kg and realising £1340 to J.L.I. Thomson, Middleton of Potterton Farm.
Top price per head was £1580 for a 592 kg Limousin Cross Bullock consigned by Messrs A. Soutar & Son, Suttieside Farm and to 336.4p per kg for a 434 kg British Blue Bullock from the Firm of D.R. Hood, Middlehill to average 255.38p.
Heifers also peaked by £1580 for a A.A. scaling 610 kg from Messrs D. & P. Murray, Wolflaw and to 317.3p for a Limousin scaling 416kg from R.Simpson & Son, Mains of Creuchies to average 238p.
Mr. Craig Malone also judged the First Spring Show & Sale of Store Cattle and his awards were as follows:-

Pen of 4 Bullocks
1st – Messrs W. McLaren, Muirhouses
2nd – Firm of D.R. Hood, Middlehill
3rd – J.C. Orr, Baldastard
Pen of 4 Heifers
1st – Messrs G.D. MacDonald, Meadows of Ballied
2nd – Messrs G.D. MacDonald, Meadows of Ballied
3rd – F.W. Richardson, Myreside
Single Bullock
1st – Messrs W. McLaren, Muirhouses
2nd – Messrs W. McLaren, Muirhouses
3rd – Firm of D.R. Hood, Middlehill
Single Heifer
1st – Charlotte Cooper, Govals
2nd – Messrs R. Simpson & Son, Mains of Creuchies
3rd – Meikle Coull Farms
CHAMPION – Messrs McLaren, Muirhouses
RESERVE CHAMPION – Charlotte Cooper, Govals

Leading Prices per kg:-
A.A. – 232.9p Halfacre, 229.2p & 226.4p Parbroath, 222.8p Halfacre, 221.3p Halfacre
Lim. – 327.7p Mains of Creuchies, 313.9p Sketewan, 309.6p Govals, 306.6p & 303p Middlehill, 301.3p Mains of Creuchies, 299p Over Finlarg, 297.8p Muirhouses, 297.2p Meadows of Ballied, 296.5 Witton, 295.6p Myreside, 295.5p Over Finlarg
Char. – 263p Cairnleith, 239.6p & 234.9p Kellyfield, 218.8p Runavey
B. Short. – 268.5p, 263.2p & 254.1p Cairncross, 230.8p & 226.4p Eight Acres
Sim. – 260.1p Little Ballo, 240.1p Gibsonhall, 239.6p Kellyfield, 238.2p Newbigging of Craighall, 237.4p Little Ballo, 234p Suttieside
B.B. – 320.8p & 306.6p Middlehill, 281.6p Cairnleith, 272.2p & 246.6p Kirkton of Kingoldrum, 226.3p Eight Acres, 223.7p Cairnleith
A.A. – 259p Wolflaw, 206p Halfacre
Lim. – 305.9p Govals, 305.4p Bank of Gallery, 295.8p Baldastard, 294.3p & 285.4p Meadows of Ballied, 278.1p Over Finlarg, 276.4p Cairnleith, 276.4p Meikle Coull, 275.6p Baldastard
Char. – 236.7p Newbigging of Craighall, 230.9p Cairnleith, 226.1p Newbigging of Craighall, 221.3p Auchenleish, 221.1p Runavey, 217.6p Newbigging of Craighall, 215.3p & 215p Kellyfield
B. Short. – 225.1p & 203.9p Cairncross
Sim. – 240.4p Kirkton of Kingoldrum, 240.3p & 231.8p Newton of Inshewan, 229.9p & 218p Little Ballo, 215p & 214.6p Kellyfield,
B.B. – 248.6p Kirkton of Kingoldrum, 247.7p Strone, 245.1p Meikle Coul, 237.7p Strone, 214.3p Kirkton of Kingoldrum
Leading Prices per head:-
A.A. - £1160 & £1050 Halfacre, £985 & £965 Parbroath
Lim. - £1570 & £1520 Muirhouses, £1500 Baldastard, £1490 South Ballo, £1480 Meadows of Ballied & Suttieside, £1470 Muirhouses, £1450 Middlehill, £1450 South Ballo, £1450 Myreside
Char. - £1110 Cairnleith, £1090 & £1010 Kellyfield
B. Short. - £960 Eight Acres, £925 & £845 Cairncross, £840 Eight Acres
Sim. - £1400 Dustydrum, £1300 Newton of Inshewan, £1240 Suttieside, £1090 Little Ballo & Kellyfield
B.B. - £1460 & £1450 (twice) Middlehill, £1380 & £1190 Cairnleith, £1090, £1020 & £1010 Kirkton of Kingoldrum
A.A. - £960 Halfacre
Lim. £1530 Baldastard, £1410 South Ballo, £1360 Newton of Inshewan, £1340 Govals & Baldastard, £1320 Mains of Creuchies & Meadows of Ballied, £1310 Cairnleith, £1290 Strone, £1280 Meadows of Ballied
Char. - £1030 Cairnleith, £920 & £900 Kellyfield, £890 & £850 Newbigging of Craighall, £830 Auchenleish, £800 Gibsonhall
B. Short. - £640 & £630 Cairncross
Sim. - £1360 & £1210 Newton of Inshewan, £1000 Kirkton of Kingoldrum, £970 Little Ballo, £970 & £950 Kellyfield
B.B. - £1100 & £1040 Strone, £1000 Meikle Coull, £970 Strone, £920 Krikton of Kingoldrum, £810 Eight Acres

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