Sale Date: Wednesday 21st October, 2020 – Weekly Primestock Sale

Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 21 Prime Cattle, 7 OTM’s and 785 Prime Sheep & Cast Ewes and Rams.

Bullocks (3) Sold to a top of 256p per kg and to £1512.96 for a 591 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by the Firm of W.E. Fairlie Ltd., Letham to average 246p per kg.
Heifers (18) Sold to a top of 257p per kg for a 594 kg Limousin from the Gask and purchased by W.F. Stark, Buckhaven and to £1557.18 also from the Gask and purchased by Rennie Butchers, Forfar to average 237p per kg.
Leading Prices per kg-
Bullocks –
Lim. 250p Nethermyres, 233p Chapel of Barras
Heifers –
Lim. 255p, 252p & 248p Nethermyres, 246p Gask, 238p & 237p Pityot, 236p West Bog; Blonde 250p Chapel of Barras; BB 236p West Bog
Leading Prices per head –
Bullocks –
Lim. £1495 Nethermyres, £1377.03 Chapel of Barras
Heifers –
Lim. £1526.58 Gask, £1444.32 West Bog, £1431.48 Pityot, £1430.16 West Bog, £1399.32 Pityot; Blonde £1397.50 Chapel of Barras; Char. X £1344.42 Pityot.
COWS (6)
A.A. £1240 (1.18p) Wolflaw; Lim. x £1150 (1.42p) Bank of Gallery, £1025 (1.32p) Barns of Airlie; Sim. X £1070 (1.30p) Barns of Airlie
BULL (1)
Char. £1230 (1.04p) Shandford


NEW SEASON LAMBS (613) sold to a top of 226p per kg for a pair of 45 kg Beltex from Shandford and to £106 for a 48 kg Beltex from the same home. Lambs easier on the week, as is the national trend this week. Heavier lambs and lean lambs again hard to cash.
Overall average 183p per kg (-8p). SQQ average 189p per kg (-6p)

Leading Prices per kg –
Tex. – 219p Meikle Tullo, 208p Cairncortie, 206p Balcalk, 204p Cairncortie (twice) & Meikle Tullo, 202p Townhead, Shandford, Cairncortie, Meikle Tullo & Hallhill (Kinneff), 200p Firhills & Kinblethmont.
Belt. – 221p Er. Balgillo, 220 Shandford, 203p Milton, 200p Craigview Place
Suff. – 191p Shandford, 186p South Latch, 184p Balcalk
Cross – 190p Milton, 187p Hallhill (Kinneff)
Char. – 196p Milton

Leading Prices per head –
Tex. - £105 Fallaw, £101 Meikle Tullo, £99 Er. Balgillo (twice), £96.50 Er. Balgillo, £96 Cairncortie & Er. Balgillo, £95 Meikle Tullo & Er. Balgillo (twice)
Belt. - £104 Er. Balgillo, £102 Shandford, £97 Er. Balgillo, £94 Shandford
Suff. - £89, £88 & 87 Shandford, £85 Balcalk
Chev. - £90 Ballintuim

EWES (172) – Ave. £65 – Ewes harder to sell on the week, quality lacking through the sale today. Over fat ewes would be less money.
Leading Prices –
Tex. - £102 & £99 Fallaw, £96 & £94 Hallhill (Kinneff), £89 Wardmill
Suff. - £84 Milton
Cross - £81 Hallhill (Kinneff)
Chev. - £76, £73 & £70 Hallhill (Kinneff)
Mule - £73 Starr, £71 Balkemback

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