Sale Date: Wednesday 21st September, 2022 – Weekly Primestock Sale

WEDNESDAY, 21st September, 2022
Lawrie & Symington, Forfar held their sale of 18 Prime Cattle, 1 OTM and 801 Prime Lambs, Ewes and Rams.

Bullocks – (2) Sold to a top of 2.90p per kg for a 602 kg Limousin Cross from the Gask and purchased by Stark Butchers, Buckhaven and to £1767.26 for a 638 kg Limousin from Greenhead and purchased by James Ewart Ltd., Butchers, Blairgowrie to average 2.83p.

Heifers – (16) Sold to a top of 2.88p per kg for a 574 kg Simmental from Chapel of Barras and purchased by Penman Butchers, Crail and to £1904.40 for a 690 kg Limousin from Greenhead and purchased by Flemings Butchers, Arbroath to average 2.70p.

Leading Prices per kg:-
Lim. 2.77p Greenhead
Leading Prices per head:-
Lim. £1745.80 Gask

Leading Prices per kg:
BB 2.86p Greenhead; Char. 2.79p Chapel of Barras, 2.76p Gask, 2.72p Gask & Chapel of Barras; Lim. 2.77p Greenhead & Balgay, 2.76p Greenhead, 2.70p West Bog.
Leading Prices per head:
Char. £1838.16 & £1719.04 Gask,; Lim. £1803.60 West Bog, £1711.86 Greenhead, £1711.80 West Bog, £1700.78 Balgay; BB £1670.24 Greenhead; Sim. £1653.12 Chapel of Barras.

COWS (1)
A.A. £1880 (2.00p) Wolflaw

PRIME LAMBS (646) – Topping per head of the sale was £140 for a tremendous Texel scaling 62 kgs and consigned by The Hay Partnership, Uras, Stonehaven. Top price per kilo was 306.7p for a pen of 4 Beltex beauties scaling 45kg and consigned by Alexander Strachan, Clochie Farm. Meaty lambs sold to a strong trade with lighter types harder to sell.

Leading Prices per head:
Tex. £129 Uras, £124 Townhead, £119 Gallowshade, £118 Grange of Conon, £117 Clochie
Belt. £138 Clochie, £120 Shandford, £117 Templeton, £111 Cairnleith
BF £96 Afflochie
Suff. £123 & £113 Shandford, £112.50 Cairncortie, £111 North Mains of Baldovan, £107 Shandford
Char. £112 & £104 North Mains of Dun
Chev./Mule £110 Uras
Cross £103 Cairnleith
Dorset £91 Archgrove

Leading Prices per kg:
Tex. 258.3p & 247.8p Townhead, 254.1p Mains of Killiechangie, 250p Gallowshade, 244.4p Templeton, 242.6p Shandford, 242.6p & 242.5p Clochie
Belt. 270.7p Cairnleith, 266.7p Shandford, 243.8p Templeton, 221.3p Wardmill
BF 208.7p Afflochie
Suff. 232.6p & 230.6p Shandford, 226.5p North Mains of Baldovan, 226.1p Tomlea & Cairnleith, 225p Cairncortie, 223.9p &223.3p Afflochie
Char. 231.1p & 211.3p North Mains of Dun
Chev./Mule 220p Uras, 216p Mains of Creuchies
Cross 223.9p Cairnleith
Dor. 211.6p Archgrove

CAST SHEEP (155) – Top Price per head for feeding sheep was £136 for a Texel from Pearsie Estate Co. Ltd.

Tex. £136 & £119 Pearsie, £124 Nether Glinns, £110 Townhead
BF £60 Afflochie
Suff £110 Tillygloom
Cont. £109 North Mains of Dun
Cross £80 Tillygloom, £76 Glensaugh, £75 Wood of Auldbar

Goats - £74 & £60 Mill of Garvock

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