Sale Date: Wednesday 23rd June, 2021 – Weekly Primestock Sale

Lawrie & Symington, Forfar held their sale of 17 Prime Cattle, 2 OTM’s and 321 Prime Lambs, Hoggs, Ewes and Rams.
Bullocks (5) – Sold to a top of 2.60p per kg and £1617.20 for a 622 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by the Firm of W.E. Fairlie Ltd., Letham to average 2.43p per kg.
Heifers (11) – Sold to a top of 2.70p (twice), one for a 534 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by Scott Bros., Dundee and second for a 520 kg Limousin from Chapel of Barras and purchased by Scott Bros., and to £1569.48 for a 638 kg Limousin from Pityot and purchased by Stark Butchers, Buckhaven to average 2.49p per kg.
Young Bull (1) – Sold to 1.64p per kg and £1577.68 for a 962 kg AA from Newhouse of Glamis.
Leading Prices per kg. –
Bullocks –
Char. X 2.45p Chapel of Barras; Lim. 2.40p Chapel of Barras & Nethermyres, 2.32p Craignathro.
Heifers –
Lim. 2.61p Nethermyres, 2.50p West Bog, 2.48p Craignathro, 2.46p Pityot (twice), 2.43p Pityot, 2.40p West Bog & Nethermyres.
Leading Prices per head –
Bullocks –
Lim. £1603.20 Nethermyres, £1438.40 Craignathro, £1334.40 & £1308.30 Chapel of Barras.
Heifers –
Lim. £1511.46 Pityot, £1445.94& £1441.80 Nethemyres, £1440 & £1435 West Bog; Char. £1506.96 Pityot
OTMS (2)
Simm. £1400 (1.88p) Suttieside, £875 (1.40p) Meikle Coull

NEW SEASON LAMBS (240) – Sold to a top of 283.7p per kg for a pen of 43 kg Texel lambs from Gallaton and to £125 per head for a pen 45 kg Texels from Templeton.
Overall Average 241p per kg. SQQ Ave. 243p per kg.
Lambs easier again on the week as is the national trend at present. Lambs carrying proper finish selling to a premium. Best selling on the day would be lambs carrying meat at 45 – 50 kg.
Leading prices per kg:-
Tex. 277p Templeton, 268p Wardmill, 261p Clochie, 259p Gallaton, 257p North Mains of Baldovan & Newmill of Inshewan, 256p Clochie, 252p Templeton & Mains of Creuchies, 250p Southtown of Melgund (three times).
Suff. 247p Herdhillmuir, 241p Kirkton of Kingoldrum, 239p Prieston
BDM 255p Mains of Creuchies
Leading Prices per head:-
Tex. £122 Gallaton (twice), £121 Wardmill, Templeton, Clochie, Mains of Creuchies & Upper Tulloes, £118 Newmill of Inshewan, £117 Upper Tulloes
Suff. £112 Drimmie (twice), £111.50 Herdhillmuir
BDM £115 Mains of Creuchies
EWES (81) – Ave. £109 per head
Leading Prices
Tex. £147 Meikle Tullo, £143, £139 & £138 Wardmill, £133 Balmydown, £128.50 Templeton
Suff £127 Upper Tulloes, £125 Pitreadie Farm Ltd. & Drimmie, £108.50 Southtown of Melgund
Mule £114.50 Pitreadie Farm Ltd. £109 Southtown of Melgund, £99.50 Pitreadie Farm Ltd.
Tex. £120 Meikle Tullo

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