Sale Date: Wednesday 24th August, 2022 – Weekly Primestock Sale

Lawrie & Symington, Forfar held their sale of 13 Prime Cattle, 7 OTM’s and 679 Prime Lambs, Ewes and Rams. Also included today was the Sale of 293 Store Lambs.

Bullocks (5) Sold to a top of 2.82p per kg for a 576 kg Limousin from Greenhead and purchased by James Ewart Ltd., Butchers, Blairgowrie and to £1644.96 for a 596 kg Limousin from the Gask and purchased by James Ewart Ltd., Butchers, Monifieth to average 2.72p.

Heifers (8) Sold to a top of 2.84p per kg for a 560kg Limousin from West Bog and purchased by Penman Butchers, Crail and to £1669.50 for a 630 kg Charolais from Greenhead and purchased by Yorkes of Dundee to average 2.71p.

Leading Prices per kg:-
Lim. 2.78p Greenhead, 2.76p Gask; Here. 2.70p & 2.55p Balgay
Leading Prices per head:-
Lim. £1624.32 Greenhead, £1506.76 Greenhead; Here. £1591.20 & £1582.20 Balgay
Leading Prices per kg:-
Lim. 2.82p Gask, 2.76p Gask & West Bog; 2.72p West Bog; Char. 2.65p Greenhead
Leading Prices per head:-
Lim. £1641.24 Gask, £1615.68 & £1611.84 West Bog, £1609.92 Fallaw, £1590.40 West Bog, £1587.20 Fallaw

COWS (7)
Lim. £1570 (1.96p) Shandford, £1485 (1.92p) Scobshaugh
B. Short. £1470 (1.89p) & £1380 (1.83p) Shandford
A.A. £1285 (1.73p) & £1200 (1.79p) Shandford


PRIME LAMBS (471)– Top price per kilo/head for Prime Lambs was 322.2p/£145 for a cracking pair of Beltex scaling 45 kg consigned by D. Smith, Scobshaugh and purchased by M.J. Stark Ltd., Alton Farm.
Leading Prices per head:-
Tex. £140 Chapelton of Menmuir, £133 & £129 Scobshaugh, £129 & £128 Fallaw
Belt. £142 & £134 Chapelton of Menmuir, £128 (twice) Fallaw, £127 & £125 Govals
Suff. £135 Culfargie, £119 (twice) Shandford
D. Tex. £140 Chapelton of Menmuir, £108 Woodside of Chapelton
Dorset £103 West Pitcorthie
TxS £115 Upper Tulloes

Leading Prices per kg:-
Tex. 274.5p Scobshaugh, 269p Pitairlie, 264.4p Govals, 262.8p Shandford, 261.2p & 258p Fallaw
Belt. 291.3p Chapelton of Menmuir, 284.1p & 282.2p Govals, 259.1p Woodside of Chapelton
Suff. 275.5p (twice) Culfargie, 264.4p Shandford, 240p Pitairlie,
D. Tex. 263.4p Woodside of Chapleton, 218.8p Chapelton of Menmuir
Dorset 234.1p (twice) West Pitcorthie
Tex. X Suff 234.7p Upper Tulloes

CAST SHEEP – (208) – Top price per head for Cast Sheep was £135 for a Continental Ewe consigned by D. Smith, Scobshaugh
Tex. £130 Scobshaugh, £120 Woodside of Chapelton, £115 Culfargie, £110 West Pitcorthie & Balhall Cresc.
Belt. £114 Scobshaugh
B.F. £75 Tomlea, £70 Glenisla & Glencally
Suff. £100 & £80 Upper Tulloes
Chv. £90 & £84 Starr
Cont. £115 & £110 Scobshaugh
Chev./Mule £120 Starr
Scotch Mule £86 Afflochie
Cross £95 Culfargie, £89 Glensaugh
BDM £105 & £94 Scobshaugh
Zwartble £105 Balhall

STORE LAMBS – Topping the Store Lamb sale was a pen of 64 Kg Texel Crosses realising £95 consigned by the James Hutton Institute, Glensaugh.
Tex. £90 (three times), £86 Culfargie, £89 Glensaugh, £88 Gallaton, £86 Wellbank Mains
B.F. £53 Airlie Farms Partners
Suf. £87 & £81 Airlie Farms Partners, £85 Culfargie, £84 Starr, £75 Lednathie
Chev. £73 Airlie Farms Partners
Herdwick £45 Trainview Livestock

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