Sale Date: Wednesday 24th June 2020 – Weekly Primestock Sale

Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 27 Prime Cattle , 3 OTM’s and 366 Prime Sheep & Cast Ewes and Rams.

Bullocks (10) Sold to a top of 247p per kg twice, one for a 605 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by James Ewart Ltd., Monifieth and second for a 558 kg Limousin from the Gask and purchased by James Ewart Ltd., Alyth and to £1526.40 for a 636 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by the Firm of W.E. Fairlie Ltd., Letham to average 224p.
Heifers (17) Sold to a top of 258p per kg twice, one for a 542 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by the Firm of J.B. Penman, Crail and second for a 587 kg Limousin which also topped the price per head at £1514.46 from the Gask and purchased by Rennie Butchers, Forfar to ave. 234p.
Leading Prices per kg-
Bullocks –
Lim. 240p & 238p Nethermyres, 222p, 221p & 218p Bankhead; B. Short. 200p Ashmore & Strone Ltd.
Heifers –
Lim. 247p Nethermyres, 242p Chapel of Barras & West Bog, 238p Mill of Inverarity, 235p Chapel of Barras, 234p Nethermyres; A.A. 235p Mains of Melgund; Char. 222p (twice) Shandford.
Leading Prices per head –
Bullocks –
Lim. £1494.35 & £1382.78 Nethermyres, £1378.26 Gask, £1303.14 Bankhead.
Heifers –
Lim. £1449.58 West Bog, £1434.42 & £1398.36 Nethermyres, £1378.02 & £1347.08 Mill of Inverarity, £1340.64 West Bog; A.A. £1278.40 Mains of Melgund; Char. £1280.94 & £1198.80 Shandford.
COWS (3)
Lim. £1340 (1.53p) Bank of Gallery; B. Short. £865 (1.34p) & £855 (1.33p) Scobshaugh


NEW SEASON LAMB (277) sold to a top of 263p per kg for three outstanding 44kg Beltex lambs from Scobshaugh, this home also achieved the top price per head at £120 for 4 46kg Beltex. Overall Average and SQQ Average 230p per kg. (plus 13p on the week). Again a terrific show of lambs forward for sale today. Predominantly handyweight lambs ranging from 37 – 44 kg, these keenly bid for. A rallying trade seen for all types of good lambs that handle well meeting a premium.

Leading Prices per kg –
Tex. 259p Mill of Inverarity, 241p Little Fithie, 239p Mill of Inverarity and Grange of Conon, 237p Pitreuchie.
Belt. 260p & 255p Scobshaugh, 254p (twice) Scobshaugh, 240p Clochie
Suff. 236p Kirkton of Kingoldrum, 235p North Mains of Baldovan, 233p Pitreuchie
Cross 236p Mains of Creuchies & Little Fithie, 233p Clochie

Leading Prices per head –
Tex. £114 Mill of Inverarity & Templeton, £110 Pitreuchie, £109 Templeton, £108 Denbrae
Belt. £116 Scobshaugh (twice), £110 Scobshaugh, £108 Clochie
Suff. £106 North Mains of Baldovan, £104 Kirkton of Kingoldrum
Cross £112 Clochie, £104 Little Fithie & Mains of Creuchies & North Mains of Baldovan

EWES & RAMS – (89) – Majority of the sale today made up of Zwartble and feeder ewes, not a great range of quality forward today.
Tex. £105 & £94 Newton of Guthrie, £80 Over Baldinnie and Newton of Guthrie
Suff. £90 North Mains of Baldovan, £79 Over Baldinnie
B.F. £60 Little Ballo
Chv. £72 Little Ballo, £67 Starr
S. Mule £73 Knockhill
N.of Eng. Mule £63 Starr
Cont. £75 Grange of Conon
BFL £74 Newhouse of Glamis
Cross £70 Little Ballo, £57 Bogincaber Ho.
Goats £55 & £46 Hillberry
B.F. £68 Little Ballo
Cross £61 Bogincaber Ho.
Zwart. £50 E. Ballochy

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