Sale Date: Wednesday 30th June, 2021 – Weekly Primestock Sale

Lawrie & Symington, Forfar held their sale of 19 Prime Cattle and 468 Prime Lambs, Hoggs, Ewes and Rams.
Bullocks (7) – Sold to a top of 2.60p and £1627.60 for a 626 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by the Firm of W.E. Fairlie Ltd., Letham to average 246.5p per kg.
Heifers (12) – Sold to a top of 2.75p per kg for a 544 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by Penman Butchers, Crail and to £1582.08 for a 618 kg Limousin from West Bog and purchased by James Ewart Ltd., Monifieth to average 2.55p per kg.
Leading Prices per kg. –
Bullocks –
Lim. 2.52p Nethermyres, 2.50p Gask; Char. 2.45p Shandford, 2.40p Chapel of Barras, 2.38p Pityot; Sim. 2.40p Shandford.
Heifers –
Char. 2.70p Gask; Lim. 2.66p Chapel of Barras, 2.62p West Bog, 2.60p Nethermyres, 2.56p (twice) West Bog; B. Swiss 2.58p Chapel of Barras; BB. 2.49p Nethermyres.
Leading Prices per head –
Bullocks –
Lim. £1592.64 Nethemyres, £1420 Gask; Char. £1527.96 Pityot; Sim. £1435.20.
Heifers –
Lim. £1556.48 West Bog, £1541.60 Pityot, £1496 Nethermyres, £1484.28 Chapel of Barras; Sim. £1537.48 Pityot; Char. £1431 Gask.
NEW SEASON LAMBS (395) – Sold to a top of 326p per kg and to £147 per head for an outstanding pen of 45 kg Beltex from Scobshaugh. Overall Average 2.40p per kg. SQQ Ave. 2.40p per kg.
Lambs selling steady again, finish still key, weight selling well. Heavier show of lambs forward today.
Leading prices per kg:-
Beltex - 3.13p & 2.95p Scobshaugh
Tex. – 2.70p Templeton, 2.61p & 2.60p Clochie, 2.54p Little Fithie, 2.50p Denbrae, 2.49p Templeton, 2.47p Over Baldinnie & Clochie, 2.46p Little Fithie, Clochie & Little Herdhill
Suff. – 2.40p North Mains of Baldovan, 2.35p Upper Tulloes
BDM – 2.50p Mains of Creuchies
Leading Prices per head:-
Belt. - £147 & £136 Scobshaugh
Tex. - £127 Templeton, £124 Wairds of Alpity, £122 Templeton, £121 Little Herdhill & Clochie
Suff. - £117 Milton, £113 & £110.50 Upper Tulloes, £110 Kirkton of Kingoldrum
BDM - £105 Mains of Creuchies
EWES (73) – Ave. £88 per head
Leading Prices
Tex. - £127 Templeton, £120 Grange of Conon, £115 Mains of Creuchies
Suff. - £111 Little Herdhill, £107 Over Baldinnie
Chev./Mule - £94.50 Grange of Conon
Chev. - £73 Grange of Conon
Mule - £93 Mains of Creuchies
Suff. - £99 Kirkton of Kingoldrum

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