Sale Date: Wednesday 3rd August, 2022 – Weekly Primestock Sale

Lawrie & Symington, Forfar held their sale of 15 Prime Cattle, 1 OTM and 508 Prime Lambs, Ewes and Rams.

Bullocks (5) Sold to a top of 2.85p per kg for a 590 kg Limousin from Gask and purchased by Stark Butchers, Buckhaven and to £1779.52 for a 664 kg Limousin from Greenhead and purchased by
to average 2.60p per kg.

Heifers (10) Sold to a top of 2.74p per kg twice, one for a 610 kg Limousin from Gask and purchased by Rennie Butchers, Forfar and second for a 570 kg Limousin from Chapel of Barras and purchased by Crombies of Edinburgh and to £1691.04 for a 624 kg Limousin from Greenhead and purchased by Yorkes of Dundee to average 2.70p per kg.

Leading Prices per kg:-
Lim. 2.68p Greenhead; Here. 2.49p & 2.42p Balgay
Leading Prices per head:-
Lim. £1681.50 Gask; Here. £1626.24 & £1603.56 Balgay

Leading Prices per kg:-
Lim. 2.72p West Bog, 2.71p Greenhead, 2.70p West Bog, 2.69p & 2.68p (twice) Chapel of Barras; Sim. 2.66p Greenhead.
Leading Prices per head:-
Lim. £1671.40 Gask, £1662.42 Chapel of Barras, £1615.68 West Bog, £1608 Chapel of Barras; £1659.84 Greenhead
COW (1)
Simm. £1110 (1.58p) Newbigging of Craighall


PRIME LAMBS (458)– Topping the sale at £141 was D. Smith, Scobshaugh twice, firstly for a pen of 3 Beltex’s scaling 50 kg and purchased by Scott Bros., Dundee and secondly for a pen of 4 Beltex’s scaling 46 kgs and purchased by James Ewart Ltd., Dundee. D. Smith, Scobshaugh also had the top price per kilo of 306.5p for a pen of 46 kg Beltex lambs selling to James Ewart Ltd., Dundee
Leading Prices per head:-
Tex. £140 Scobshaugh, £128 Tillygloom, £127 Govals, £126 Templeton, £125 Fallaw, £125 Middle Drimmie & Clochie
Belt. £135 & £130 Scobshaugh, £123 & £120 Clochie
Suff. £115 Lednathie, £115 Middle Drimmie, £113 Kirkton of Kingoldrum, £112 Shandford, £111 Govals
Cont. £105 & £100 Mains of Creuchies
Scotch Mule £90 Roman Road
BDM £140 & £115 Govals
B. Tex. £134 Grange of Conon
Tex. X Suff. £104 Wardmill, £100 Shandford
Leading Prices per kg:-
Tex. 304.3p Scobshaugh, 260.9p & 257.4p Govals, 260.4p Middle Drimmie, Clochie & Fallaw
Belt. 288.9p & 282p Scobshaugh
Suff. 251.1p & 232.6p Kirkton of Kingoldrum, 238.3p Shandford, 230p Middle Drimmie
Cont. 228p & 227p Mains of Creuchies
Scotch Mule 214.3p Roman Road
BDM 285.7p & 235.4p Govals
B. Tex. 268p Grange of Conon
Tex. x Suff. 232.6p Shandford, 231.1p Wardmill
CAST SHEEP – (50) – Cast Ewes sold to a top of £135 for a Texel consigned by E. & B. Duncan (A. Firm), West Town of Barras
Tex. £130 & £115 Wardmill, £110 West Town of Barras, £105 Franklin St.
Suff. £120 New Gilston & Upper Tulloes, £105 New Gilston
Chev. £110 Wardill
Cross £95 East Mains of Burnside & Shandford


Stots (38) sold to a top price per head of £1480 for a superb Limousin scaling 568 kg and consigned by I. & G. Grant, Bank of Gallery. D.G. Watt, Cairntack Farm had the top price per kilo of 2.68p for a shapley pen of Charolais cross scaling 384 kg.
Heifers (19) Topping the Heifer trade was a cracking Limousin scaling 478 kg and realising £1270/265.7p consigned by I. & G. Grant, Bank of Gallery.

Leading Prices per head for Bullocks:-
Lim. £1355 Bank of Gallery
B.B. £1140 New Bourtreebush
A.A. £1080 Scobshaugh
Char. £1030 Cairntack
Sim. £1030 (3 times) Cairntack
Lim. £1390 New Bourtreebush, £1340 & £1080 Scronley, £1030 (twice) Cairntack
B.Short. £840 Scobshaugh

Leading Prices per Kilo for Bullocks:-
Sim. 268p, 259p & 256p Cairntack
Lim. 261p & 256p Cairntack, 260.6p Bank of Gallery, 235.9p & 228.8p Scronley, 222.8p New Bourtreebush
Lim. 257.6p Bank of Gallery
B. Short 233p Scobshaugh
B.B. 227.1p New Bourtreebush
A.A. 219.5p Scobshaugh

Leading Prices per head for Heifers:-
Lim. £1180 New Bourtreebush, £1150 & £980 Scronley, £1120 New Bourtreebush
B.B. £1120 & £940 New Bourtreebush
Sim. £900 Newbigging of Craighall
B. Short. £850 Scobshaugh
Char. £810 & £720 Newbigging of Craighall
A.A. £645 Scobshaugh

Leading Prices per kilo for Heifers:-
Lim. 265p Bank of Gallery
248.7p & 246.7p New Bourtreebush
Char. X 218.2p & 214.3p Newbigging of Craighall
A.A. 205.4p Scobshaugh
B.Short. 205.4p Scobshaugh

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