Sale Date: Wednesday 4th August, 2021 – Weekly Primestock Sale

Lawrie & Symington, Forfar held their sale of 22 Prime Cattle and 700 Prime Lambs, Hoggs, Ewes and Rams.
Bullocks (6) – Sold to a top of 2.69p per kg for a 568 kg Limousin from Chapel of Barras and purchased by James Ewart Ltd., Monifieth and to £1684.32 for a 638 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by the Firm of W.E. Fairlie Ltd. to average 2.49p.
Heifers (16) – Sold to a top of 2.71p per kg and £1550.12 for a 572 kg Limousin from the Gask and purchased by James Ewart Ltd., Forfar to average 2.48p.
Leading Prices per kg. –
Bullocks –
Lim. 2.64p & 2.54p Nethermyres; Char. 2.44p Shandford; Sim. 2.35p Shandford; A.A. 2.32p Newton of Idvies.

Heifers –
Lim. 2.68p West Bog, 2.65p (twice) Nethermyres, 2.50p Gask, 2.48p Craignathro, 2.46p (twice) Chapel of Barras; Char. 2.44p Findowrie.

Leading Prices per head –
Bullocks –
Lim. £1620.52 Nethermyres, £1527.92 Chapel of Barras; A.A. £1531.20 Newton of Idvies; Char. £1381.04 Shandford; Sim. £1339.50 Shandford.
Heifers –
Lim. £1538.32 West Bog, £1490 Gask, £1428.48 Craignathro, £1408.68 West Bog; Char. £1374.56 Findowrie.
NEW SEASON LAMBS (644) – sold to a top of 282p per kg and £127 per head for a pen of 45 kg Texels from Newton of Inshewan and £127 again fro a 47 kg Rouge from Crudie Acres. Overall Ave. 213p per kg. SQQ 213p per kg.
Lamb trade following the national trend in being a bit less on the week. Best quality and finished types still dear, leaner lambs more difficult to sell and better placed in the store ring.
Leading prices per kg:-
Tex. 262p & 258 Clochie, 256p Templeton, 251p Townhead, 249p Templeton, 245p Clochie (twice), 240p Wardmill & Clochie
Suff. 215p Lednathie Est. & Shandford, 211p Westtown of Barras
Belt. 272p, 270p & 254p Scobshaugh
Chev. 223p Shandford

Leading Prices per head:-
Tex. £123 & £122 Templeton, £120 Kinghornie, £119 Clochie, £118 Townhead & Clochie
Belt. £122, £120 & £119 Scobshaugh
Suff. £106 Shandford, £104 Drumrack, £98 Middle Drimmie
Chev. £98.50 Shandford

Leading Prices
Tex. £126.50 & £106.50 Culfargie Est., £97 Townhead
Suff. £98 Over Baldinnie
Cross £91 Creagan, £87 Over Baldinnie

Also today we held a Sale of 80 Store Cattle.

STOTS – (70) sold to a top of £1385 for a pen of 3, 551kg AA crosses from G. & G. Tosh, Hilton of Knapp and 2.58p per kg for a Pen of 3, 440 kg Limousin Crosses from T.A. Bissett & Son, Bishopston to average 2.34p.

HEIFERS (10) soldto a top of £1010 for a pair of 411 kg AA from the Firm of F.J. Fraser & Son, Newton of Idvies and to 2.46p per kg for the same pair to average 2.28p.

Leading Prices per head –
Bullocks –
£1380 Waterside of Thornton, £1315 Newton of Idvies, £1310 (twice), £1300, £1200 Hilton of Knapp, £1135, £1090 & £1085 Bishopston
Heifers –
£970 Newton of Idvies, £920 Waterside of Thornton, £900 Newton of Idvies, £870 Denbrae & Waterside of Thornton, £820 Newton of Idvies.

Leading Prices per kg. –
Bullocks –
2.56p Hilton of Knapp, 2.55p Newton of Idvies, 2.51p (twice) 2.50p Hilton of Knapp, 2.49p Bishopston, 2.46p Hilton of Knapp, 2.44p & 2.38p Waterside of Thornton
Heifers –
2.38p Newton of Idvies, 2.36p Waterside of Thornton, 2.34p (twice) Newton of Idvies, 2.31p Waterside of Thornton.

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