Sale Date: Wednesday 8th April 2020 – Weekly Primestock Sale

Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 20  Prime Cattle , 1  Cow and  955 Prime Sheep & Cast Ewes and Rams.


Bullocks (8) Sold to a top of 224p per kg for a 605 kg Limousin from the Gask and purchased by the firm of W.E. Fairlie Ltd., Letham and to £1491.39 for a 681 kg Limousin from the Gask and purchased by Rennie Butchers, Forfar to ave. 214p.

Heifers (12) Sold to a top of 258p per kg for a 540 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by the Firm of J.B. Penman Butchers, Crail and to £1416.48 for a 624 kg BB from West Bog and purchased by Yorkes of Dundee to ave. 234p.

Leading Prices per kg-

Bullocks –

Lim. 219p Gask & Nethermyres, 211p Nethermyres & Chapel of Barras; Char. 214p Chapel of Barras.

Heifers –

Lim. 252p (twice)  Nethermyres, 240p West Bog, 232p Chapel of Barras & Gask, 227p & 222p Craignathro; BB 230p Craignathro, 227p West Bog, 226p Craignathro.

Leading Prices per  head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1462.23, £1450.46 & £1368.75 Nethermyres, £1355.20 Gask; Char. £1155.60 Chapel of Barras.

Heifers –

Lim.  £1411.20 Nethermyres, £1399.20 West Bog, £1393.20 & £1370.88 Nethermyres, £1307.52 Craignathro; BB £1313.06 & £1288 Craignathro.

COWS (1)

Simm. X £800 (1.11p) Suttieside


NEW SEASON LAMB (1) sold to 220p per kg and £110 for a Suffolk from Wester Oathlaw.

PRIME  HOGGS (842)  Sold to a top of 302p per kg for Beltex from Balbrydie and to £124 per head for the same pen to average 197p per kg. SQQ 204p per kg.

Leading Prices per kg –

Tex. – 233p Newbarns, 213p Gibsonhall & Newmill of Inshewan, 209p Fawsyde, 205p Denbrae, 200p Culfargie Est.

Belt. – 264p Er. Balgillo, 251p Glenmoy (twice), 248p Er. Balgillo

Suff. – 263p, 257p & 256p Balbrydie, 205p Baldastard

Chev. – 224p Middlehill, 203p & 200p Baldastard

B.F. – 185p Dalbrack

Leading Prices per head –

Tex. - £100 Gibsonhall & Newmill of Inshewan

Belt. - £116 Er. Balgillo, £113 Glenmoy (twice)

Suff. - £108 Balbrydie (twice)

Chev. - £114 Middlehill (twice)

B.F. - £94 Dalbrack

 EWES (112)

Suff. - £128 Corner Cott., £126 Wr. Oathlaw, £114 Templeton, £110 Balbrydie

Tex. - £124 Mill of Murroes, £114 Hatton of Carse, £110 Balconnel

Char. - £122 Templeton

Chev./Mule -£112 Mill of Murroes

B.F. - £61 Middlehill

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