1 AUGUST 2019 – Sale of poultry, pigs & goats

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre
Thursday 29th August
L&S sold 427 lots of poultry, eggs, sundries pigs & goats at their final evening sale of the year. Trade was topped at £85 for guinea fowl with chicks (twice) with goats selling to £48 for pygmys.
£58 Trio buff orpington
£50 Geese
£50 RIR hens
£48 Pair mandarin
£48 Female ducks
£48 Call ducks
£45 Toulose Goose
£42 Hyline pullets
£42 Guinea fowl
£42 Bluebell pullets
£40 Hyline pullets
£75 Guinea fowl with chicks
£65 Silver bell finches
£60 Peach face love birds
£55 Bengalese finches
£50 Bantam pullets
£50 Zebra finches
£45 Light Sussex pullets
£44 Guinea fowl
Our annual rare & minority breed sale will take place on Friday 6th September commencing at 10.30am.
The next poultry sale is Thursday 26th September at 10am.

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