14th February 2020 – Store Hoggs & Breeding Sheep

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Friday 14th February

Lawrie and Symington Ltd held their fortnightly sale of In Lamb Sheep and Store Hoggs.  Trade was fast in all categories and many more could be sold to sellers advantage.

In Lamb ewes topped at £138 for texel x gimmer with twins from Frame, Cronan, with texel hoggs (lamb at foot) to £125 from Eastmains.

Store hoggs keenly sought after and short of numbers selling to a top of £90.50 for Texels from Corehouse.

Principal Prices

Store Hoggs

TEX -  £90.50 Corehouse, £87 Park, £79.50 Housebay, £79 Greenbank,£78 Corehouse,£77 Housebay, £71 Corehouse

BF - £57.50 Park, £55 The Cottage, £50 Nisbet

CHE - £71 Park

X - £60 Park

Breeding Ewe

OTH - £130 Cronan

CHM - £132 Cronan

Breeding Sheep Hogg

TEX - £125 (x2), £122, £120 (x4), £110 Eastmains

Breeding Sheep Gimmer

TEX - £138 Cronan

CHM - £132, £130 Cronan


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