16 AUGUST 2019 – Opening sale of store lambs, cast & feeding ewes

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Friday 16th August

The opening show & sale of 1340 store lambs, cast & feeding ewes saw the lambs get of to a flyer with plenty customers keen for sheep. A tremendous show of texel lambs saw trade top at £68 for a ringful of super texels from McGregor, Chesterhall Parks. The pre-sale show ably judges by R S Lambie, Selkirk, saw 1st prize go to the above pen from Chesterhall Parks. 2nd prize was awarded to a pen of Roussin also from Chesterhall Parks realizing £67.50, and 3rd prize to MacDougall, Muirhouse for a pen of North Country Cheviots realizing £60.

Principal prices:-

Store lambs

TEX - £68 Chesterhall Parks, £65.50 Yieldshields, Thirstane & Chesterhall Parks, £63.50 Thirstane & Yieldshields, £63 & £62 Forth Mains.

BF - £55 Kirkton, £52 Burnside.

CHE - £66.50 & £60 Muirhouse.

SM - £57.50 Middlepart, £52 Burnside, £50.0 Forth Mains.

ROUS - £67.50 Chesterhall Parks.

Feeding ewes

BF - £39 Mitchellslacks, £37 Burnside, £32 Mitchellslacks.

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