19 SEPTEMBER 2019 – Annual show & sale of Beltex Rams, Ram Lambs & females

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Thursday 19th September

Lawrie & Symington Ltd held their annual show and sale of 382 Beltex Rams, Ram lambs and females on behalf of Beltex Scotland where trade for the best end was high and above vendors expectations whilst the bottom end proved harder to cash. The sale topped at 3,600gns for the top shearling out of T & A Taylor, Heatheryhall pen which found a new home with Mr Knight, Stephney Farm, Cumbria. The pre-sale show was kindly sponsored by Country Refreshments and ably judged by Mr S Wood, Woodhillock, who awarded the championship to a gimmer from Mr K O’Connor which realised 650gns to Messrs McKinnon, Low Tirfergus, Campbeltown. The reserve was also to a gimmer from C Mair, Muirfield, which sold at 2,000gns to W Stephen & Co, Meikle Geddes.


Aged Rams

550 Mid Shawtonhill, £500 Fowrass.

Shearling Rams

3,600 Heatheryhall, 3,200 Roadside, 1,800 Blackjack, 1,400 Tiree, 1,300 Heatheryhall, 1,250 Ardstewart, 1,200 Richardton, 1,000 Grangehall, Lamington & Osprey, 920 Ardstewart, 900 Grangehall.

Ram Lamb

1,600 Heatheryhall, 1,200 Woolhillock, 1,100 Muirton, 1,000 & 900 Glenpark, 800 Collessie, 700 Merkland, 600 Carse of Clary, Matt’s & Lyonpark, 550 Hodge’s, 500 Tiptop, Woolhillock, Bodoney & McKnight’s.


300 Hodge’s, 300 & 220 Ivanhoe.


2,000 Muirfield, 1,100 Muirton & Muirfield, 720 Riggroad, 700 & 650 Kenny’s, 550 Woolhillock & Muirfield.

Ewe Lambs

920 Hodge’s, 450 & 300 Muirton.

Also today saw the dispersal of 32 gimmers on behalf of Messrs Douglas, Beechcross which topped at 1,600gns to W Stephen, Meikle Geddes, other top prices below.

Beechcross Gimmers

1,600, 1,100, 820, 620, 600, 520 (2x) & 450.

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