21st Dec 2018 – Prime Lambs, Store Lambs, Cast & Feeding Ewes.

Sheep Primestock Report Friday 21st December 2018

On Friday the 21st December 2018 Lawrie and Symington Ltd Sold 2224 Lambs and 1775 Cast Ewes.

The Sale topped at £100 per head for a Tex from Nether Abington and to 225p per kg for a Bel from High Parks. Overall average 190p per SQQ 195p per Kg. Another good show of Prime Lambs met an animated trade with all classes dearer on the week and short of buyer requirements, many more could be sold to advantage.

Principle Price per head  Tex £100 Nether Abington, £99 Bengal/Spango/Heatheryhall, £98 Haggs, £98 Gillandersland (twice), £97 Heatheryhall/Gillandersland, £96 Howford. Belt £97 High Parks, £94 Wellheads, £93 High Parks/Heatheryhall/Collielaw, £90.50 Wellheads, £90 Wellheads. Suff: £95 Southwalls, £94 Southwalls, £93.50 Newton Crathe, Mule £83 Heatheryhall, £80 Cuttlehill, £80 Avonbank, £78 Heatheryhall. Bf £77 High Parks, £75.50 Boat, £72.50 Nether Abington, Chev £87 Laigh Alticane, £86 Langshaw/Boat, £85 Heatheryhall, £84 Laigh Alticane/Greentowers.

Principle Prices per kg  225p Wellheads, 222p Yeldabrek, 216p Yeldabrek, 215p Wellheads, 214p Southwall/Broomfield/Newton Crathie. Bel 225p Wellheads, 221p Heatheryhall, 219p Wellheads, 218p Wellheads, 216p High Parks/Heatheryhall, 214p Wellheads, Suff 202p Broomfield, 200p Howford, 198p Plean. Mule 200p Avonbank, 193p Heatheryhall, 177p Heatheryhall. Bf 193p Boat, 187p High Parks, 185p Nether Abington, 267p Heatheryhall, 196p Greentowers, 193p Heatheryhall, 192p Malletsheugh, 191p Boat.

Ewes 1775 Ewes & Rams were sharper on the week especially for the best quality ewes which remained in demand. Bf & Chev Ewes stayed similar with Mules slightly sharper.

Principle Prices Tex £159 Auchenbart, £155 High Crewburn, £150 Cardron, £149 & £138 Bengal, £144 & £118 Rusha. Belt £82 Craigend. Suff £90 Newton, £87 High Crewburn. Mule £70 Avonbank, £69 High Parks, £66 Allfornought. NCC £87 Yeldabreck, £72 Allfornought, £68 Queenshaugh, BF £61 Heatheryhall, £55 Broomfield, £53 Crosswoodburn, £50 West Millrig, Shet £28 Melsetter, Chev £60 High Dyke, 353 Allanfauld.

Rams  Tex £95 High Parks, Bleu Du Maine £80 High Parks

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