21st January 2020 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 21st January 2020      

L & S had forward  775 store cattle at their fortnightly sale.  Bullocks topped at £1220 for a charolais x from Messrs N C Smith, Logan, Lesmahagow, or to 259p/kg for a saler from Whitehill Farms, to average 211.65p/kg.  Heifers topped at £1190 for a limousin x from Messrs Walker, Netherurd Mains, Blyth Bridge, or to 247p/kg for a limousin x from Messrs Comrie, Stonebyres, Lanark, to level at 204.31p/kg.  Dairy Bullocks averaged 160.1p/kg.


251-300kg: £685; 259.5 Whitehill Farms

301-350kg: £820; 249.2p Botherwickfield

351-400kg: £920 Botherwickfield;  237.8p Mayfield

401-450kg: £1000; 245.1p Stonebyres

451-500kg: £1120 Drumbowie; 227.4p Stonebyres

501-500kg: £1170 Haininghead; 221.3p South Carnduff

551-600kg: £1190 Over Quarter;  208p Nertherurd Mains

601-650kg: £1190; 194.8p Auldtoun

651-700kg: £1220; 179.4p Logan


251-300kg: £640; 236.2p Auldtoun

301-350kg: £780; 230.8p Botherwickfield

351-400kg: £850 The Dyke, Darvel; 223.6p Hills of Dalserf

401-450kg: £1065; 247.1p Stonebyres

451-500kg: £1120; 229.5p Sunnyside Farm

501-550kg: £1105 Wester Braco; 216.1p Underlaw

551-600kg: £1190; 212.9p Netherurd Mains

601-650kg: £1150; 182.5p Parkerston

651-700kg: £1135 Barr

Dairy Bullocks


Per Head

£960 Hapland, £925 Over Kypeside, £830 Over Kypeside, £825 Gibblaston, £780 Gibblaston, £780 South Brackenridge

Per kilo

172.9p Over Kypeside, 168.8p South Brackenridge, 166.3p Gibblaston, 165.1p South Brackenridge


Per Head

£905 Dykehead, £880 Dykehead, £855 Haswellsykes, £855 Craigthorn

Per Kilo

163.7p Gibblaston, 162p Gibblaston, 160.7p Gibblaston

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