26 SEPTEMBER 2019 – Sale of poultry & minority breeds

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Thursday 26th September

L&S sold 354 lots of poultry, ringstock, sundries & eggs at today’s sale. Trade topped at £98 for a pair of white call ducks, with pens of pullets also selling in excess of £50. Within the ring, a pair of cockatiels sold to £45, with a parrot cage selling to the same price.

Leading prices:-


£98 Pair white call ducks

£80 Peacock

£62 Trio silver spangled Hamburg

£60 Turkey hens

£60 Silver Appleyard females

£55 Goose & Gosling

£52 Pair light Sussex bantam pullets

£50 Turkey stags

£50 Hyline pullets

£50 Saxony ducks

£50 Trio silver spangled Hamburg

£48 Hyline pullets

Ring stock

£45 Pair cockatiels

£45 Large parrot cage

£40 Pair peafowl chicks

£40 Pair canaries

£40 Two peafowl chicks

£40 Pair cockatiels

£35 Pair Linoladed

£35 Cockatiels

£35 Pair Kakariki

£34 Cockatiels

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