28 NOVEMBER 2019 – Sale of poultry

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Thursday 28th November

L&S sold 531 lots of poultry, pigs, goats & sundries. Trade was topped at £100 for a pair of White Call Ducks and £70 in the ring for a box of Goldfinch Mules.


Bronze Turkeys £70 (2x)

Leghorn Pullets £70

Vorweck Pullets £68

Pair Mandarin ducks £68

Cherry Valley ducks £60

Hyline pullets £55

Pair ruddy shell ducks £55

Khaki campbell ducks £55


£66 Goldfinch Mules

£60 Kakariki Parakeets

£60 Incubator

£60 Pair diamond fire tails

£58 Guinea fowl

£55 Wooden carry case

£52 Red rump parakeets

£50 Incubator

£50 Fawn java


£40 Boer

£30 Baggat x Pygmy

£20 Baggat x Pygmy

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