7th January 2020 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

 Tuesday 7th January 2020 

L & S had forward 419 store cattle at their opening sale on 7th January. Bullocks sold to £1225 twice from Whitesykes Farm, West Calder and from Logan Farm, Lesmahagow or to 251p per kilo from Calton Farm, Cumnock to Av 208.7p.  Heifers sold to £1280 from Midlock Farm, Biggar or to 230p per kilo from Mid Shawtonhill Farm, Chapelton to  Av 201.5p.

Bullock per Kilo

351-400kg: 251p Calton, 240p Hillridge

401-450kg: 244p Calton, 226p Hillridge, 221p Whitesykes

451-500kg: 228p Overburns, 214p Mid Shawtonhill, 228p Calton

501-550kg: 214p South Carnduff, 210p Davisdyke, 209p Haswellsykes

551-600kg: 201p Netherton, 203p Broomhill, 204p Hillhead

601-650kg: 194p Davisdyke, 190p Logan

Bullock per Head

301-350kg: £745 Lawriesmuir

351-400kg: £1000 Calton

401-450kg: £1090 Birkenhead, £1110 Whitesykes, £1080 Hillridge, £1060 Calton, £1050 Wynd

451-500kg: £1115 West Hassockrigg, £1090 Overburns, £1075 Calton £1040 Mid Shawtonhill, £1135 Hatrick

501-550kg: £1120 Haswellsykes, £1080 South Carnduff, £1065 Cromlet

551-600kg: £1140 Broomhill, £1130 Hillhead, £1130 Hillridge, £1125 Netherton

601-650kg: ££1225 Whitesykes, £1225 Logan, £1220 Davisdykes, £1205 Bouridge, £1175 Logan, £1155 Gilmeadowland, £1140 Tinto View

 Dairy Bullock per Kilo

165p Haspielaw, 160p Cromlet, 143p Overburns, 142p Whitecraigs

 Dairy Bullock  per Head

£935 Haspielaw, £825 Whitecraigs, £755 Cromlet, £740 Overburns

Beef Heifer Per Kilo

401-450kg: 212p Mid Shawtonhill, 218p Wester Braes, 207p Birkenhead

451-450kg: 230p Mid Shawtonhill, 224p Overburn, 201p Broomhill

501-500kg:  208p Nether Abington, 206p Haswellsykes, 206p Gair

551-600kg: 198p Midlock

Beef Heifer Per Head

401-450kg: £1080 Wester Braes

451-500kg: $1120 Mid Shawtonhill, £1070 Overburn, £1020 Hillridge, £1000 Broomhill

501-500kg: £1155 Haswellsykes, £1140 Nether Abington, £1105 Gair

551-600kg: £1120 Davisdyke, £1095 Logan, £1065 Tinto View, £1015 Netherton

601-650kg: £1280 Midlock

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