17 May 2019 – Ewes, gimmers and hoggs with lambs at foot

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Friday 17th May

L&S sold 2008 ewes, gimmers and hoggs all with lambs at foot. Incorporated in the sale was the annual show & sale of hoggs with lambs at foot, ably judged by Mr Ian Bunting, Bridgeston Farm.

The champion pen came from Allanton Farming for Texel hoggs with single Texel lambs at foot, that realised £216 to the judge.

Reserve champion was a pen of Scotch Mule hoggs with Beltex lambs at foot from Messrs Laird, Sunnyside/Carbello and sold at £204. Second reserve pen came from the same home for Suffolk hoggs with Beltex lambs at foot and sold to £194.

Leading prices

Ewes with lambs at foot

Texel with single lamb - £74 Felton, £71 Highfield, £70 Howes Way, £69 Hill of Harthill.

Texel with twin lambs - £61 Halmyre, £60 Ingraston, £61 Hill of Harthill.

Scotch Mule with single lamb - £59 Kailzie Mains, £57 Halmyre.

Scotch Mule with twin lambs - £71 Highfield, £58 Halmyre, £57 Halmyre.

Cheviot with twin lambs - £51 Findattie.

Blackface with single lamb - £42 Skirling Mains, £42 Burnhead.

Blackface with twin lambs - £42 Skirling Mains, £39 Burnhead.

Hoggs with lambs at foot (outwith show)

Texel - £109 Allanton, £109 Bordlands, £101 Highfield, £100 Daviesdyke, £99 Bordlands (2x), £98 West Park.

Suffolk - £102 Sunnyside/Carbello, £96 Sunnyside/Carbello, £89 Kailzie Mains, £88 Sunnyside/Carbello.

Scotch Mules - £92 Allanton, £91 Allanton, £89 Carbello/Sunnyside, £88 Allanton/Daviesdyke, £86 Highfield.

Cheviot Mules - £79 Woodlands.

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