Record averages throughout ring 9 with 238 Texel Shearling Rams leveling at £1808.61 and the 26 Texel Ram Lambs averaging £882.69.  No fewer than 20 consignors averaged over four figures.

Top price of the day was £52,000 from Mrs Karen Wight, Midlock Flock, purchased jointly by Mr S Renwick, Craig Douglas and Messrs W Dunlop, Elmscleugh.  This helped Midlock achieve the top average of £6662.50.

The Ettrick Flock of David & Gordon Gray also enjoyed an outstanding trade selling to a top of £17,000, this was purchased in a four way split to the Uppermill, Blackhouse, Mitchellhill and Dalchirla Flocks.  The Ettrick Flock attained the second highest average of £4350 for 14 sold achieving heir highest price to date was Dougie Fleming’s Burnhead Flock who sold their pen leader for £14,000 to Mr T C Whiteford, Tercrosset and Messrs Wales, Thakewood.

Top price in the lamb section was £3200 from the Teiglum Flock of Andrew Clark, which sold to L Forster & Son, West Nubbock, Hexham.

238 Shearling Rams averaged £1808.61 (98.3% clearance)

26 Ram Lambs averaged 882.69 (79% Clearance)

Other Principal Prices:

 £10,000 B Gilchrist, Midlock

£10,000 G Gray, Ettrick

£9,000 G Gray, Ettrick

£8,000 Mrs L Gray, Scrogtonhead

£6,500 (twice) Messrs Green, The Craggs

£5,000 Hartside Farms

£4,500 Firm of JW Gibb, Toftcombs

£4,500 & £4,000 G Gray, Ettrick

£4,200 Mrs K Wight, Midlock

Top Averages – Shearlings

Midlock               £6662.50             (12 Sold)

Ettrick                  £4684.61             (13 Sold)

The Craggs          £2990.00             (10 Sold)

Burnhead             £2764.29             (7 Sold)

Scrogtonhead     £1825.00             (28 Sold)

Kingledores         £1900.00             (3 Sold)

Langside              £1483.33             (12 Sold)

Dyke                     £1450.00             (8 Sold)

Hartside               £1358.33             (12 Sold)


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