Judge: Mr Paul Rattray, West Park Farm, Auchterarder

Sponsor: Lawrie & Symington Ltd, Country Supplies

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 370 spring born suckled calves at the Annual Show & Sale, which was ably judged by Paul Rattray, Westpark, with a strong trade seen throughout.

The champion calf was a red Limousin heifer from Messrs Hamilton, High Crewburn, which scaled 336kg and realised £3000/892.9p/kg.

Reserve champion rosette went to Messrs Laird, Sunnyside/Carbello for a Limousin x bullock weighing 305kg and selling at £2050/669.9p/kg.

Outwith the prize list, bullocks peaked at £1380 for a 380kg Charolais x from Posso Farm, or to 369p/kg from the same home.

Heifers sold to a top of £2020 again for another 266kg Limousin x from High Crewburn, or to 759.4p/kg for the same beast.

199 bullocks sold to average 268.66p/kg

171 heifers sold to average 255.14p/kg

Single Continental Haltered Bullock (4 forward)

1st  Messrs T Laird, Sunnyside/Carbello

2nd Messrs A & CS Comrie, Stonebyres Mains

3rd Messrs J A McGarva, Nether Abington

Single Continental Haltered Heifer (4 forward)

1st Messrs A & CS Comrie, Stonebyres Mains

2nd Messrs A & CS Comrie, Stonebyres Mains

3rd Messrs T Laird, Sunnyside/Carbello

Pen of Four Continental Bullocks (3 Pens forward)

1st Messrs T Laird, Sunnyside/Carbello

2nd Lightshaw Farming Co, Lightshaw

3rd  Messrs W Steel, Cumberhead

Unhaltered Bullock (Continental Bred) (8 forward)

1st Messrs J & A Gray, Scrogton

2nd Messrs A Smellie, Posso

3rd Lightshaw Farming Co, Lightshaw

Unhaltered Heifer (Continental Bred) (8 forward)

1st Messrs R Hamilton & Sons, High Crewburn

2nd Messrs T Laird & Son, Sunnyside/Carbello

3rd Lightshaw Farming Co, Lightshaw

Overall Champion:

Messrs R Hamilton & Sons, High Crewburn

Reserve Champion:

Messrs T Laird & Sons, Sunnyside/Carbello

Principle Prices:

Bullocks per head

AA - £930 Carswell, £920 East Forth, £910 Mauldslie Mains, £900 Mid Uplaw, £880 Knockdaw, £850 Lightshaw, £850 Uplaw, £840 Greens

Her - £840 Pretts Mill

Sal - £810, £800 Middle Mains

Lim - £1090, £1040 Scrogton, £1040 Sunnyside, £990 Scrogton

Lim x - £2050, £1150, £1140 Sunnyside/Carbello, £1070 Knockdaw, £1050 Cumberhead, £1050 Pretts Mill, £1040 Sunnyside/Carbello, £1020 Castlehill, £1020, £1010 Knockdaw

Char x - £1380 Kailzie Mains, £1380, £1320 Posso, £1280, £1100 Lightshaw, £1090 Scrogton, £1080 Calton, £1070 Cumberhead, £1060 Dykehead, £1060 Scrogton

Bsh - £930 Pretts Mill, £900 Mauldslie Mains

Sim - £1020, £1010, £980 Knockdaw

BB - £1200 Stonebyres Mains, £1150 Sunnyside/Carbello, £1110 Nether Abington, £1100, £1090, £1060, £950 Sunnyside/Carbello, £940 Woodhill

Bullocks per kilo

AA – 270.3p Greens, 266.9p Castlehill, 261.5p Mid Uplaw, 252.3p Greens, 252.1p East Forth, 248.5p Greens, 244.7p Carsewell, 242.6p Mid Uplaw, 241.4p Mauldslie Mains, 237.4p Lightshaw

Her – 215.4p Pretts Mill

Sal – 271.7p, 249.2p, 242.5p Middle Mains

Lim – 282.6p Sunnyside/Carbello, 276.6p, 270.8p, 251.3p Scrogton

Lui – 202.1p Mauldslie Mains

Lim x – 669.9p, 298.2p Sunnyside/Carbello 288.5p Burnbrae, 286.6p Dykehead, 286.4p, 282.6p, 281.1p, 279.1p Sunnyside/Carbello, 275p Castlehill

Char x – 412.5p Posso, 369p Kailzie Mains, 363.2p Posso, 357.5p, 331.3p Lightshaw, 310.3p Calton, 304.6p, 302.3p Laidlawsteel, 293.2p, 291.5p Lightshaw

Bsh – 238.7p Mauldslie Mains, 217.3p Pretts Mill

Sim – 259.3p, 251.9p Knockdaw

BB – 316.1p, 304.6p Sunnyside/Carbello, 289.1p Nether Abington, 281.1p, 279.1p Sunnyside/Carbello, 278.1p, 256.6p Woodhill, 251p Stonebyres Mains, 250.6p Sunnyside/Carbello, 235.6p Carsewell

Heifers per head

AA - £820 Mid Uplaw, £800 Greens, £800 Oldwalls, £780 East Forth, £750 Castlehill, £720 Greens, £710 Mauldslie Mains, £710 Greens

Lim x - £3000, £2020, £1800, £1200 High Crewburn, £1090, £1060, £1050 Sunnyside/Carbello, £1020 Cuttlehill, £1000 Sunnyside/Carbello, £970 Scrogton

Char x - £1720 Lightshaw, £1220 Calton, £1120 Kailzie Mains, £1040, £1020 Scrogton, £990 Feoch, £930 Lightshaw, £920 Posso

Sim - £1000 Cuttlehill, £1000 Langholm, £980 Cuttlehill

BB - £1520, £1480 Stonebyres Mains, £1100, £1090, £1060 Sunnyside/Carbello

Chr - £1040 Scrogton

Heifers per kilo

AA – 243.2p Greens, 226.6p Castlehill, 226.5p Mid Uplaw, 218.6p Greens, 217.4p Mid Uplaw, 214.3p East Forth, 210.5p, 207.7p Greens, 207.6p Mauldslie Mains

Sal – 219.2p Middlemains

Lim x – 892.9p, 759.4p, 661.8p, 441.2p High Crewburn, 283.4p, 258.9p, 253.8p Sunnyside/Carbello, 251.4p Cumberhead, 242.7p Dykehead, 241.5p Castlehill

Char x – 554.8p Lightshaw, 415p Calton, 363.6p Kailzie Mains, 294.9p Posso, 293.2p Kailzie Mains, 289.1p, 282.1p, 269p 268.4p Laidlawsteel, 267.6p Lightshaw

BB – 355.1p, 320.3p Sunnyside/Carbello, 309.9p, 283.4p, 277.5p, 276.4p, 258.9p Sunnyside/Carbello, 227.9p Pretts Mill

Top Price Bullocks (per head/per kilo)

0-250kg: £580 Woodhill ; 256.6p Woodhill

251-300kg: £830 Lightshaw ; 298p Greens

301-350kg: £2050 Sunnyside/Carbello ; 669.9p Sunnyside/Carbello

351-400kg: £1380 Posso ; 369p Kailzie Mains

401-450kg: £1150 Sunnyside/Carbello ; 279.1p Sunnyside/Carbello

451-500kg: £1200 Stonebyres Mains ; 251p Stonebyres Mains

Top Price Heifers (per head/per kilo)

0-300kg: £2020 High Crewburn ; 759.4p High Crewburn

301-350kg: £3000 High Crewburn ; 892.9p High Crewburn

351-400kg: £1120 Kailzie Mains ; 293.2p Kailzie Mains

401-450kg: £1520 Stonebyres Mains ; 355.1p Stonebyres Mains

451-500kg: £1480 Stonebyres Mains ; 320.3p Stonebyres Mains

Next Sale: Tuesday 25th October 2022

Contact one of the sales team below to advise entries.


Primrose Beaton: 07717 503841

Sandy Moore: 07747 443260

Mungo Guthrie: 07785 901977

Amy Haddow: 07467 863168


Picture of Champion from Messrs Hamilton, High Crewburn.


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