Friday 11th January 2019 – Scottish Texel Club Sale

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Friday 11th January

L&S held their Annual Show & Sale of Texel In-Lamb Gimmers on behalf of The Scottish Texel Breeders Club.

At the show prior to the sale, the judge, Mr David MacArthur, Daer Flock, awarded the championship to Kenny Pratt, Hilltop Flock, for an In-Lamb Gimmer sired by Arkle Ying Yang and In-Lamb to Garngour Alabama, which sold to 350gns. Reserve Champion went to John Adamson, Swaites Flock, for an In-Lamb Gimmer sired by Clantibues Vital Statistics and served by Stonebridge Adam, which was released at 480gns.

Other Principle Prices

Hilltop - 580gns, sired by Arkle Ying Yang.

Grougfoot - 520gns, sired by Haddo Yankee.

Hilltop - 520gns, sired by Arkle Ying Yang.

Cairnam - 500gns, sired by Knap You’re The Man

Swaites – 480gns, sired by Clantibues Vital Statistics.

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