Friday 17th September 2021- Store Lamb Sale

17th September 2021

 Lawrie and Symington Ltd held their weekly sale of 3039 store lambs of all classes with a strong ring of buyers, trade upheld recent rates.

Today’s sale was topped at £90 for a pen of Texels from Messrs I Laird, Yeldabrek, Blackfaces topped at £78.50 for a pen of 73 quality, top draw wedders from Auchengruith.

Please note next weeks show & sale of Blackface wedders/Cheviots and Continental lambs is a catalogued sale, so all entries should be entered no later than Wednesday 22nd September.

Principal Prices:

 TEX - £90 Yeldabrek, £88.50 Carmacoup, £88 Caberston, £84 Hartsop, £81.50 Carmacoup, £81.50, £80 Shaw of Dryfe, £80 Carmacoup

BF - £78.50, £72 Auchengruith, £70.50 Dalveen, £70 Auchengruith, £65.50 Dalveen, £64.50 Muirhead Hill, £62 East Fortissat

SUF - £88.50 Carmacoup, £77.50 Yeldabrek

CHE - £76.50 Walston Mill, £72, £70 Blackburn

CONT - £70 Bavelaw

SM - £75 Crookboat

SHE - £34 Kirkabister

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