Friday 21st May – Ewes/Hoggs with Lambs at Foot

Breeding Sheep 28th May 2021

Lawrie and Symington Ltd held their weekly sale of Ewe & Hoggs with Lambs at foot.  With a busy ringside of buyer’s trade remained strong throughout and more could easily have been sold to the vendor’s advantage.

The sale was topped at £138 (per life) for an exceptional pen of 10 Texel Hoggs with Texel lambs at foot from Messrs Dunlop, Hillhead.

Next Sale for Ewes and Hoggs with lambs at foot will be MONDAY 7th June at 10am.

Principal Prices:

Ewes with Lambs at Foot (per life)

CHEV (Singles) - £67 Findattie

CHEV (Twins) – £63 Old Pentlands

BF (Singles) - £49 Old Pentlands

Hoggs with Lambs at Foot (per life)

TEX (Singles) - £122 Hillhead

TEX (Singles) - £112 Kailzie Mains

SM (Singles) - £100 Porterstown

SUF (Singles) - £97 Kailzie Mains

SUF (Twins) – £99 Easter Deans

MULES (Twins) - £90 Porterstown

MULES (Twins) - £82 Carbello

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