Friday 22nd January 2021 – “Lanark Limelights”

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

21ST - 22ND JANUARY 2021

Due to Covid-19 Restrictions , the annual Lanark Limelights Sale moved to an Online Timed Auction, incorporating the Scottish Texel Sheep Breeders Club - Annual Sale, held over a two day bidding fury, with 20 of the 24 lots catalogued finding new homes. Bluefaced Leciesters topped at £1,200 for a Ewe Hogg sired by the L1 Hundith, and out the homebred dam K106 Midlock from Messrs J Wight & Son, Midlock Farm, Crawford. Texels topped at £950 for an inlamb Gimmer sired by Clarks Acrobat, and out the homebred dam sired by Elmscleugh Can Halen, carrying a pair to the £5,500 Elmscleugh Bright Spark from Messrs H M Jackson & Son, Wolfclyde Farm, Biggar. Beltexs topped at £300 for a Ewe Hogg (Riggroad Fantasy ET) sired by the Edendiack Dude ET and out of Vicky’s Daisy ET from Mr J Hodge, Percenton Row, Irvine.

Leading Prices –

Bluefaced Leicester –

£1,200 Midlock (Ewe Hogg by L1 Hundith)

£1,150 Midlock (Ewe Hogg by K4 Marriforth)

£850 Midlock (Ewe Hogg by K4 Marriforth) and Beeches (inlamb Aged Ewe by K4 Midlock)

£700 Midlock (Ewe Hogg by L27 Midlock) and Cottage (Ewe Hogg by M5 Cottage)

£650 Cottage (Ewe Hogg by L26 Blarnavaid)

Texel –

£950 Wolfclyde (inlamb Gimmer by Clarks Acrobat)

£750 (twice) Caterthun (Ewe Hoggs, first by Auldhouseburn Billy The Kid and second by Knock Yardsman)

£420 Wolfclyde (inlamb Gimmer by Clarks Acrobat)

£400 Wolfclyde (inlamb Gimmer by Scrogtonhead Warburton)

Beltex –

£300 Riggroad Fantasy (Ewe Hogg by Edendiack Dude ET)

£260 (twice) Hodge’s Fancy Pants (Ewe Hoggs, first by Airyolland Desperado and second by Edendiack Dude ET)

Averages –

1 Bluefaced Leicester inlamb Aged Ewe - £850.00

2 Bluefaced Leicester inlamb Gimmers - £200.00

8 Bluefaced Leicester Ewe Hoggs - £720.00

4 Texel inlamb Gimmers - £517.50

2 Texel Ewe Hoggs - £750.00

3 Beltex Ewe Hoggs - £273.33

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