Friday 29th January – Breeding and Store Sheep

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre


Friday 29th January 2021



Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 302 Breeding Sheep and Store Hoggs.


At the first inlamb sale of the year, breeding sheep were in good demand with trade being topped at £175 for a pen of Texel Gimmers from Messrs J & K Frame, Cronan Farm, Newmilns.


Included within today’s sale was the Dispersal of strong Cheviot Mule Gimmers and Ewes, inlamb to the New Zealand Suffolk, from Ashmore Estate. Top pen of Gimmers sold to £165 and 1-Crop Ewes, also to £165.


Store Hoggs met a good demand again, with trade being topped at £111 for a pen of Texels from W F Smith, Carmacoup Farm, Douglas.


Leading Prices – Breeding Sheep:

CHM Gimmers - £165, £160, & £150 Ashmore Estates.

TEX Gimmers - £175 & £170 Cronan.

CHM 1-Crop Ewes - £165 (twice) and £162 Ashmore Estates, £152 Cronan.

CHM 2-Crop Ewes - £155 Ashmore Estates.


Leading Prices – Store Hoggs -

TEX - £111 Carmacoup, £106 Auldton, £100 Carmacoup, £98 Viewfield, £91 Auldton, £86 Hillridge, £84 Carmacoup.

BF - £66 Hillridge.

CHAR - £95 Auldton.

MULE - £90 & £86 Auldton.

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