Friday 7th May – Ewes/Hoggs with Lambs at Foot

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 885 Hoggs and Ewes with Lambs at Foot. Today’s sale was topped at £116 per life for good Texel Hoggs with Beltex Lambs from Messrs A Mitchell, Newton of Wiston Farm. Ewes were topped at £96 per life (twice) from Messrs R & J Hamilton, Dillars Farm.


With 19 active buyers, trade averaged £71.28 – with just under half the sale consisting of Blackface and Shetlands. Plenty more outfits could be sold.


Leading Prices (Hoggs per life)

Texel with Beltes Las - £116 Newton of Wiston

Cheviot Mules with Beltex Las - £112 Newton of Wiston

Texel with Beltex Twins Las - £92 Newton of Wiston


Principal Prices (per life)

TEX with Singles - £96 Howes Way, £88 Blackhill


TEX with Twins - £88 Howes Way, £85 Blackpark, £83 Howes Way


SUF with Singles - £80 Blackhill


SM with Twins - £88 Dillars House, £83 Fauldhouse Road, £78 Skirling Mains, £77 Kailzie Mains


CHE with Singles - £80 Edgefield


CHE with Twins - £75 Skirling Mains


CHM with Twins - £75 and £74 Felton


BF with Singles - £58 and £50 Craigiepark


BF with Twins - £59 Edgefield


SHE with Twins - £41 Craigiepark


NOTE: Next Sale - Friday 14th May including Show & Sale of Hoggs with Lambs at Foot (Pens of 10 for Scotch Mule and Texel/Continental)

Contact - Gregor Brodie on 07342 884967

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