Lanark – Autumn Born Suckled Calves

Tuesday 5th October

A tremendous show of 1311 Autumn Born Suckled Calves were forward for the annual show & sale.

The Annual Show kindly sponsored by Davidsons Animal Feeds, was ably judged by Mr Ian Wainwright, Todhall Farm, Cupar.

The championship was awarded to a Limousin bullock from Messrs McGarva, Nether Abington, which weighed in at 468kg and later realised £1330 to the judge.

The reserve championship was awarded to a Charolais heifer consigned by Mr A Clark, Blackhill Farm, which later weighed in at 496kg, selling at £1320 again to the judge.

All 1311 calves sold to average 237.68p, 768 bullocks sold to a top of £1760 for a 648kg Limousin from Mr A Bothwell, Smithston Farm, or to 285.7p/kg for a 546kg Charolais from Messrs Warnock, Dreva Farm, to average 240.61p/kg.

543 heifers topped at £1530 for a 686kg Aberdeen Angus from Messrs A Kirkpatrick, Barr Farm, or to 307.3p/kg for a pen of four 423kg Limousins from Messrs Laird, Sunnyside/Carbello Farm, to average 233.3p/kg.


0-350kg: £920 Crosswoodhill : 265.9p Crosswoodhill

351-400kg: £1070 Nether Abington ; 280.1p Nether Abington

401-450kg: £1240 Holehouse ; 276p Holehouse

451-500kg: £1420 Dreva ; 285.1p Dreva

501-550kg: £1560 Dreva ; 285.7p Dreva

551-600kg: £1660 Smithston ; 278.6p Dreva

601-650kg: £1760 Smithston ; 271.6p Smithston

651+kg: £1710 Peebles YF ; 256.8p Peebles YF


0-400kg: £1160 Greenfield ; 303.4p Weston

401-450kg: £1300 Sunnyside ; 307.3p Sunnyside

451-500kg: £1340 Holehouse ; 272.5p Holehouse

501-550kg: £1370 Sunnyside ; 261.4p Corsebank

551-600kg: £1295 Bankhead ; 225.8p Barr

601-650kg: £1300 Netherhill ; 214.5p Netherhill

651+kg: £1530 Barr ; 223p Barr


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