LANARK – Friday 6th May – Ewes with Lambs at Foot

Friday 6th May 2022

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 1005 Ewes with Lambs at Foot at their weekly sale.

All classes continued to sell to extreme rates with today’s sale being topped at £121 for Tex hoggs with Tex lambs at foot from Messrs Mitchell, Newton of Wiston.

Ewes were topped at £110 for Texel ewes with twin Texel lambs at foot from Messrs R & J Hamilton, Dillar Farm.

With a larger show forward, which was presented to a full ringside of buyers, more could have been sold to sellers advantage.

Next week’s sale of sheep will include the Show of Hoggs with Lambs at Foot, kindly sponsored by Lance Armstrong Shearing Contracts.

Principal Prices (per life):

 Hoggs with Lambs

CHM with Singles - £110 Newton of Wiston

CONT with Twins - £70 East Mains

Ewes with Lambs

TEX with Singles – £100 Ash Cottage, £92 Cranston Drive

TEX with Twins - £104 East Mains, £98 Dillar, £97 Ash Cottage, £96 Duncrievie, £90 Cranston Drive

Mules with Twins - £94 Kailzie Mains, £94, £87 Dunsyre Mains, £87 Felton, £87 Kailzie Mains

SUF with Singles - £91 Polnoon, £84 x2 East Mains

CHM with Twins - £80 South Glen

CHE with Singles - £87 East Mains, £75 Findatie, £73 Polnoon

CHE with Twins - £75 Spittal, £74 Findatie, £73 Eastside, £73 East Mains

SHE with Singles - £65 Polnoon

BF with Singles - £58 Blackpark, £53 Hareburn View

BF with Twins - £50 Upper Muirhouse

SWA with Singles - £40 Eastfield of Wiston

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