LANARK – Show and Sale of Beltex Sheep – Thursday 15th September

The Show and Sale of Beltex Sheep

The Annual Sale of 259 Pedigree Beltex Rams and Females on behalf of Beltex Scotland, saw a fast trade from start to finish with the best lots easily sold.

Topping at £6200 for a Shearling for first time consignor, Messrs Dinnie, Tanqueray Flock.  This son of Woodies Edgy sold to Brian Ryder for his Ryder Flock at Moffat.

Also included today was the Part Dispersal on behalf of Messrs Lennox, Netherholm selling to 650gns for a 3 crop ewe, 2 crops to 420gns, 1 crop to 500gns and gimmer to 520gns.


2 Aged Rams               £111.55

93 Shearling Rams      £983.27

20 Ram Lambs            £625.80

36 Gimmers                £460.25

2 Ewe Lambs               £393.75

Netherholm Dispersal

23 Aged Ewes             £270.72

15 Gimmers                £289.10

Included today was the pre-sale show ably judged by Mr Kevin Buckle, Buckles Flock and kindly sponsored by Davidsons Animal Feeds.

Class 1: Aged Ram (0 forward)


Class 2: Shearling Ram (17 forward)

1st Lot 461 Heatheyhall Godzilla

2nd Lot 443 Mid Shawtonhill Gypsy King

3rd Lot 505 Faughhill Glen Affric (consigned by C&C Cormack)

4th Lot 535 Tanqueray Gladiator

5th Lot 506 Muirhouse Godfather

Class 3: Ram Lamb (12 forward)

1st Lot 554 Grangehall Highlander

2nd Lot 567 Kenny’s Hercules

3rd Lot 569 Muirton Harold

4th Lot 573 Corrielea Hulk

5th Lot 555 Callacrag Harry

Class 4: Aged Ewe (0 forward)

Class 5: Gimmer (13 forward)

1st Lot 576 Riggroad Groovy Chick

2nd Lot 605 Brickrow Glasweegin

3rd Lot 587 Beachy Gwyneth

4th Lot 580 Barrule Genesis

5th Lot 602 Muirton Gemini

Class 6: Ewe Lamb (2 forward)

1st Lot 619 Muirton Happy Go Lulcer

2nd Lot 620 Muirton Hear Say

Female Champion

Gimmer lot 576 Riggroad Groovy Chick

Reserve Female Champion

Gimmer Lot 605 Brickrow Glasweegin

Male Champion

Shearling Lot 461 Heatheyhall Godzilla

Reserve Male Champion

Shearling Lot 443 Mid Shawtonhill Gypsy King

Overall Champion

Shearling Lot 461 Heatheyhall Godzilla

Reserve Overall Champion

Shearling Lot 443 Mid Shawtonhill Gypsy King

Principal Prices:

 Aged Ram

1200gns  M Morrison, Tarbrax to R Hamilton, High Crewburn & E Hamilton, Gilmeadowland

1000gns W Lennox, Netherholm to J Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill

Shearling Rams

6200gns G Dinnie, Tanquery to B Ryder, Newton

4000gns J Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill, Miller Farms, North Lurg & S Wood, Woodies

3000gns A Taylor, Heatheryhall to J A Gibson, Cowgrove

2800gns to J Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill to Dalchirla Farms Ltd

2000gns A Ireland, Feoch to S Wood, Woodies

1800gns D Padkin, Muirhouse

1700gns C & C Cormack, Dunrod

1650 A Taylor, Heatheryhall

1450gns J Bell, Highfield

1400gns T W Sanderson, Biggarshiels

1400gns A Taylor, Heatheryhall

1300gns J Barclay, Mid Brockloch

1300gns R Taylor, Heatheryhall

1300gns R & J Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill

1150gns A Taylor, Heatheryhall

1150gns B Ryder, Newton

1100gns Taylor, Heatheryhall

1100gns B Ryder, Newton

1100gns G Dinnie, Tanquery

Ram Lambs

1000gns A Baillie, Callacrag to D Cunningham, Walkerdyke

900gns J Bell, Highfield to J Campbell & Sons, Succothmore

800gns K O’Connor, Kennys

750gns J Hodge, Riggroad

700gns R H Black, Collessie

700gns R H Black, Collessie

650gns J Bell, Highfield

620gns K O’Connor, Kennys

600gns J W Cowan, Brickrow

600gns J & L Young, Muirton

580gns J & L Young, Muirton

520gns M & G Ballantyne, East Cauldcoats

520gns R H Black, Collessie

500gns J Bell, Highfield

500gns J Alan, Corrielea


920gns A Baillie Callacrag to Blairmore Farms

800gns A Baillie, Callacrag to Blairmore Farms

680gns J Cousat, Howcomman to C L Wyllie, Balbrydie

620gns J Hodge

580gns Carrick Primestock

550gns J Barclay, Mid Brockloch

550gns J Barclay, Mid Brockloch

520gns A G Rothwell, Isle of Man

500gns J W Cowan, Brickrow

500gns J Barclay, Mid Brockloch

Ewe Lambs

450gns J & L Young, Muirton

300gns J & L Young, Muirton


Aged Ewe

650gns, 500gns, 480gns, 420gns, 400gns Netherholm


580gns, 520gns, 420gns Netherholm




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