Lanark Store Cattle Tuesday 09th August 2022

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

 Tuesday 09th August 2022

 Lawrie and Symington Ltd had 243 Store Cattle forward to the fortnightly sale. Bullocks sold to a top of £1630 for a pair of 652kg Aberdeen Angus from Dechmont, or to 259.5p for a 578kg Limousin x from Bottoms to average 234.6p. Heifers peaked at £1470 for a 574kg Aberdeen Angus, again from Dechmont or to 256.5p for 3 382kg Limousins from Little Kype, to level at 221.6p. Dairy Bullocks topped at £1130 for a 580kg Holstein from Bottoms, or to 204p for a pen of seven 549kg British Friesians from Midhouse Farm to average 188.6p.

Principle Prices: 

Bullocks per head -  AA £1630 Dechmont, £1390 Nethertown, £1350 Dechmont, £1335 Lettrickhills, £1310 Dykehead, £1290 Midhouse, £1290 Bottoms, £1200 Lettrickhills, £1190 Sweetbit, £1175 Craigthornhill. Her £1300 Lettrickhills, £1150, £1100 North Brackenridge, £1070 Sweetbit. Luing £1020, £925 Mitchelhill.  LMx £1500, £1240 Bottoms, £1130 Blackhill, £1100 Sweetbit, £1050 Craighead, £1020 North Bankend, £1010 Sweetbit.  CHx £1135 Craighead, £1010 Letham.  BSH £1380, £1370 Nethertown, £1110 North Brackenridge, £930, £890, £880 West Nerston. Sim £1100, £960 The Law. Welsh B £1160 Lettrickhills. BB £1340 Dykehead, £930 Newlands, £900 Sweetbit, £860 Newlands.

 Bullocks per kilo – AA 250p Dechmont, 240.7p Garelwood, 240.1p Nethertown, 234.1p Mauldslie Mains, 233.3 Bottoms, 232.5p Newlands, 227.3p Dechmont, 224p Midhouse, 222.2p Lettrickhills, 220.5p Dykehead. Her 222.7p North Brackenridge, 222p Sweetbit, 215.4p North Brackenridge, 215.2p Lettrickhills. Luing 220.8p 219.7p Mitchellhill, LMx 259.5p Bottoms, 250.6p Sweetbit, 241.9p Craighead, 241.1p, 234p Sweetbit, 232.5p Blackhill, 225.7p North Bankend, CHx 243.6p Craighead, 241.6p Letham, BSH 234.8p, 229.8p West Nerston, 225.3p, 222.4p, 217.7p Netherton, 211.8p North Brackenridge, 209.9p West Nerston. Sim 226.4p, 225.4p The Law, Welsh B 218p Lettrickhills, BB 230.2p Newlands, 224.8p Dykehead, 217.2p Newlands.

Heifers per head – AA £1470 Dechmont, £1230 The Law, £1200 Lettrickhills, £1200 Dykehead, £1160 South Cathkin, £1150 Blackhill, £1145 Craighead, £1120 South Cathkin, £1110 Lettrickhills, £1100 Craigthornhill. Her £1280, £1130 Lettrickhills. Lim £980 Little Kype. Luing £1380 Mitchellhill, Lmx £1165 Blackhill, £1160 South Cathkin, £1110 Bottoms, £990 Spango. CHx £1105 Thornyhills, £1080, £1055 The Law, £1040 Thornyhills, £1000 Craighead, £1000  £940 Spango, BSH £935, £860, £780 Newlands, SIM £930 The Law, £855 Wofclyde, Welsh B £1140 Lettrickhills, BB £1300 Bottoms, £1270 Dykehead, £1180 Bottoms, £860 Newlands, £770 Wolfclyde.

Heifers per kilo -  AA 256.1p Dechmont, 238.5p Craighead, 228.4p, 227.9p Newlands, 218.6p, 218.10p Lettrickhills, 217.3p The Law, 217.2p Newlands, 216.5p, 216p South Cathkin, Her 216.9p Lettrickhills, 216.6p Lettrickhills, 211.2p North Brackenridge. Lim 256.5p Little Kype, Luing 217p Mitchellhill, Lmx 224p Blackhill, 223.8p Bottoms, 223p Spango, 216p South Cathkin, CHx 239.8p The Law, 233.1p Thornyhills, 228.3p Craighead, 227.8p The Law, 227.1p Thornyhills, 219.8p, 210.3p Spango, BSH 223.2p, 217.2p, 212p Newlands, Sim 215.3p The Law, 207.5p Wolfclyde, Welsh B 215.1p Lettrickhills, BB 217.4p Bottoms, 217.2p Newlands, 216.1p Bottoms, 211p Dykehead, 199.5p Wolfclyde.

Dairy Bullocks per head Fries £1120 Midhouse, £1010, £985 Ainville, £960 Midhouse, £960 Letham, £920 North Bankend, £880, £825, £740 Letham, £740 Watsonhead.

Ayr £920 Newlands. Hol £1130 Bottoms, £960 Letham, £850 Lettrickhills.

Dairy Bullocks per kilo – Fries 204p Midhouse, 196.2p Ainville, 194.9 North Bankend, 194.7p Midhouse, 194.7p Letham, 194.2p Ainville, 190.7p, 188.4 Letham, 180.9p Watsonhead, 179.1p Letham. Ayr 177.3p Newlands. Hol 194.8p Bottoms, 179.1p Letham, 164.7p Lettrickhills.

 Top Price Bullocks (per head/per kilo)

0-300kg 240.7p Garelwood £650 Garelwood

351-400kg 234.8p West Nerston, £930 West Nerston

401-450kg 250.6p Sweetbit, £1100 Sweetbit

451-500kg 243.6p Craighead, £1135 Craighead

501-550kg 234p Sweetbit, £1240 Sweetbit

551-600kg 259.5p Bottoms, £1500 Bottoms

601-650kg 225.3p Nethertown, £1380 Nethertown

651+kg 250p Dechmont, £1630 Dechmont

 Top Price Heifers (per head/per kilo)

0-300kg 199.3p Garelwood, £590 Garelwood

351-400kg 256.5p Little Kype, £980 Little Kype

401-450kg 239.8p The Law, £1055 The Law

451-500kg 238.5p Craighead, £1145 Craighead

501-550kg 224p Blackhill, £1200 Lettrickhills

551-600kg 256.1p Dechmont, £1470 Dechmont


Next Sale: Tuesday 23rd August 2022

Contact one of the sales team below to advise entries.


Primrose Beaton: 07717 503841

Sandy Moore: 07747 443260

Mungo Guthrie: 07785 901977

Amy Haddow: 07467 863168

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