LANARK – Store Lamb Report – 19th August 2022

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 1482 store lambs at the weekly sale.

Trade was topped at £111 for a pen of Texel lambs from Messrs Forrest, Westcroft Farm and Blackface to £67 from Queensberry Estates.

A full ringside of buyers present resulted in a strong trade for all classes throughout, more could of been sold to the vendors advantage.

Included in today’s sale was the Show of Scotch Mules which was ably judged by Messrs J Johnstone, West Montgarswood who awarded the first prize to Messrs Stewart , Crookboat which sold to £92,  2nd prize Messrs Brodie, Easter Manuel £88 and 3rd Messrs Bertram, Nisbet £87.

Principal Prices:

 TEX - £110 Hills of Dalserf, £98.50 Westcroft, £95 Caberston, £95 Westcroft, £94 Auldtoun Cottage, £94 Hills of Dalserf, £93.50 Thornyhills, £92 Caberston, £91.50 Auldtoun Cottage

BEL - £79 Millburn Cottage

BF - £67, £63, £61 Queensberry Farming

CHM - £79 Westtown

SM - £92 Crookboat, £88 Easter Manuel, £87 Nisbet, £86, £79 Drumelzier, £80.50 Easter Manuel, £78 Thornyhills

ZWA - £74 Blackpark

SXB - £84.50 Eastfield of Wiston

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