LANARK – Store Lamb Sale – Friday 28th October

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 3485 store lambs at the weekly sale.  Incorporated within was “The end of season of 2088 Blacface Wedder Lambs” held in conjuction with Livestock Marketing (Borders) Ltd.

Trade was topped at £99 for a pen of Texel lambs from Messrs McCornick, Gair Farm.  Blackface were topped at £82 for a pen of 30 strong wedders from Messrs Crozier, Fallburn Farm.

Strong well bred lambs were easily sold, but small, longer keep types were definitely harder to cash.

Principal Prices:

Blackface Wedder Lambs

£82.50 Fallburns

£75 Fallburns

£74 Dalveen

£69 Syart

£69 Dalpeddar

£66 Culter Allers

£65 Upper Hindhope

£64.50 Debog

Che - £88 Felton, £69 Mount Benger£67 Walston Mill, £67 Dalhanna, £64.50 Auldtoun Cottage

Tex - £99 Gair, £98, £97, £96 Greens Rd, £96 Gair, £95, £92 Dykehead

Bel - £90 Jeanfield

Suf - £94.50, £89.50 Fountainside

Sm - £70 Dalhanna, £63.50, £60 Culter Allers

Also included in today’s sale was 294 breeding sheep with a pen of Mule Gimmers selling to £150 (twice) from Messrs Frame, Little Gala.

Principle Prices:


Tex - £114 Little Galla

Chm - £100 Smiddy Hill

SM - £150 Little Galla

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