LANARK – Store Lambs 12 August 2022

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre


12th August 2022


Lawrie and Symington Ltd held their opening weekly sale of 1449 store lambs, an excellent show for quality saw a large ring of active buyers ensuring a buoyant trade throughout and many more could be sold to advantage.

Today’s sale averaged £86.03 (£7.77 up on last year) and was topped at £112 for a pen of Texels from McKerr Farming Ltd

The pre-show ably judged by Messrs Gray, Claish Farm, Callander which saw 1st prize go to Messrs MacDonald, Taldale for an outstanding pen of Beltex x lambs realizing £108


2nd Prize – Messrs MacDonald, Taldale (Suff x Beltex) £98

3rd Prize – Messrs Steel, Cumberhead (Beltex) £102.50

Principal Prices:

TEX - £101 Taldale, £98 McKerr Farming, £98 Easter Manuel, £97 Easter Manuel, £95 Taldale, £95 McKerr Farming, £95 Hills of Dalserf, £90.50 Chesterhall Parks, £90.50 McKerr Farming

BEL – £108 Taldale, £102.50 Cumberhead, £101.50 Cumberhead, £94 Midtown Cottage, £91 Millburn Cottage, £91 Leemeadow

SUF - £98 Taldale, £96 Leemeadow, £94.50 Hills of Dalserf, £91 Chesterhall Parks, £88 Hills of Dalserf, £88 Chesterhall Parks, £86 Taldale, £84 Eastfield of Wiston

CHAR - £88 Muirhouse

SM - £70 Eastfield of Wiston

SXB - £98 Taldale, £92 Taldale, £82.50 Taldale

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