Lawrie and Symington Lanark – Store & Breeding Cattle Sale

Tuesday 7th September

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 604 Store Cattle and 125 Incalf cows & cows with calves & foot at their fortnightly sale.

Bullocks topped at £1460 for a 624kg Charolais from Netherton, or to 264.6p/kg for a 446kg Limousin from Linnhead, to average 223.8p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1450 for a 566kg Limousin from Gillbank, or to 298p/kg for a 406kg British Blue from Laigh Park (Blairnavaid), to level at 218p/kg.

Dairy bullocks topped at £1130 for a 584kg British Friesian from the Boag, to average 178p/kg.


0-350kg: £840 Drumalea ; 248.5p Drumalea

351-400kg: £960 West Carnduff ; 253.4p Laigh Carnduff

401-450kg: £1180 Linnhead ; 264.6p Linnhead

451-500kg: £1185 Broomfield Lodge ; 241.6p Linnhead

501-550kg: £1270 Laigh Park (Blarnavaid) ; 244p Broomfield Lodge

551-600kg: £1410 Newwbyre ; 243.9p Newbyre

601-650kg: £1460 Netherton ; 234p Netherton

651+kg: £1320 Tanhill ; 202.5p Tanhill


0-350kg: £975 Laigh Park (Blairnavaid) ; 284.3p Laigh Park (Blairnavaid)

351-400kg: £1100 Laigh Park (Blairnavaid) ; 281.3p Laigh (Blairnavaid)

401-450kg: £1210 Laigh Park (Blairnavaid) ; 298p Laigh Park (Blairnavaid)

451-500kg: £1275 Linnhead ; 272.4p Linnhead

501-550kg: £1240 Mossplatt ; 231.5p Mossplatt

551-600kg: £1450 Gillbank ; 256.2p Gillbank

601+kg: £1230 Mafflat ; 201p Mafflat

Dairy Bullocks per head

£1130 Boag, £955 Moy, £950 Westtown, £910 Drumalea, £900 Cuff, £840 Moy, £825, £815 Craigthorn, £810 Cuff

Dairy Bullocks per kilo

193.5p Boag, 186.2p Craigthorn, 184.5p Almont, 183.3p, 181p Cuff, 179.4p Broomfield Lodge

Dispersal of Cows with Calves off of Overburns

AA x cow with BB x heifer calf at foot  £3000

AA x cow with Lim x calf £2250

AA cow with BB x bull calf at foot £2200

Blonde cow with AA bull calf at foot £2000

AA x hfr & her x bull calf at foot £2000

BB x Lim bull £2900

AA bull £2000

Dispersal of Autumn Calving Cows off of Broomhill all in calf to AA or Saler

AA x cow £1900, £1850

Sim x £1850

Saler x £1900, £1800 (twice)


AA x £1850

Saler x £1800, £1600, £1550

Principal Prices out with Dispersal:

Lim Bull (4.5yr old) £2450 Crosswoodhill

Lim x cow & calf £1850 Oldhill

Sim x & Sim x heifer calf £1800 Morningside

Sim x cow & bull calf at foot £1800 Hillhouse

Lim x cow & Lim heifer calf at foot £1750 Dovecot



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