Lawrie and Symington Lanark – Store Cattle Sale Report Tuesday 24th August 2021

L&S sold 638 store cattle at their fortnightly sale with a busy ringside of buyers present.
Bullocks topped at £1530 for a 594kg Limousin from Rusha, or to 280.6p/kg for a 550kg Limousin from the same home, to average 226.8p/kg.
Heifers peaked at £1530 for a 620kg Limousin from Mafflat, or to 292.6p/kg for a 376kg British Blue from Stonebyres, to level at 221.7p/kg.
Dairy bullocks topped at £1090 for a pen of four 491kg Friesians from Ladybank, to average 190p/kg.


0-300kg: 248p Broomhill; £650 West Nerston
301-350kg: 239.9p Broomhill; £880 Thornyhills
351-400kg: 256.9p; £1020 Blackhill
401-450kg: 256.1p Millmoor; £1065 Eastfield
451-500kg: 268p; £1305 Whitehill
501-550kg: 280.6p; £1460 Rusha
551-600kg: 262.6p; £1530 Rusha
601-650kg: 245.9p ; £1500 Rusha
651+kg: 225.2p; £1500 Dreva

0-350kg: 240p; £840 Ramoan
351-400kg: 292.6p; £1100 Stonebyres
401-450kg: 282.7p; £1210 Bluebell
451-500kg: 263.3p Stonebyres; £1240 Oldhill
501-550kg: 269.6p; £1375 Hartside
551-600kg: 216.9p; £1350 Blackhill
601-650kg: 246.8p; £1530 Mafflat

Dairy bullocks per head
£1090 Ladybank, £1060 Craigside, £1020 Park O Barnaigh, £1015 Lettrickhills, £960 Lindsayton, £950 Wintermuir, £945 Park O Barnaigh, £920 Lindsayton, £915 Over Kypeside.

Dairy bullocks per kilo
222p Ladybank, 205.4p Craigisde, 204.4p & 196p Park O Barnaigh, 196p (2x) Over Kypeside, 189p (2x) South Brackenridge & Lettrickhills, 186p Kilburn, 183p Lindsayton.

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