Monday 23rd March 2020 Primestock Report

Lawrie & Symington Ltd Lanark Agricultural Centre

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Monday 23rd March

Cattle Prime Stock Report

Lawrie and Symington  had forward 158 Cattle sold comprising of 85 Bullocks & Heifers, 6 Young Bulls and 67 Cast Cows and Bulls.

Limousin Heifer sold to 260p from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm to Messrs Cairns Butchers, Law.  Bullocks sold to 238p from Messrs Grey, Balqharrage, Lennoxtown to Cooper Butchers, Bellshill.

Heifer per head

£1557, £1503 Brockwoodlees, £1537, £1519 Todhall, £1524 Auchenstarry, , £1513 Gillandsland, £1406 Collielaw, £1381 Harvieston  £1380 Kinneil Mill, , £1225 West Backs

Heifer per kilo

260p, 256p, 252p Brockwoodlees, 248p, 244p, 240p Todhall, 242p, 236p Kinneil Mill, 238p, 236p Collielaw, 238p, 236p Girtridge, 238p, 236p Auchenstarry, 228p Under Shieldhill, 210p Harvieston

Bullock per head

£1548 Brockwoodlees, £1505 Hill, £1420 Girtridge, £1318 Kinneil Mill, £1380 Wellburn, £1301 West Backs, £1492 Collielaw

Bullock per kilo

238p Balqharrage, 236p Brockwoodlees, 236p Hill,  234p Girtridge, 222p Kinneil Hill, 200p Wellburn

Young bulls

208p Todhall, 200p Kinneil Mill, 198p Mackie Mill, 192p East Merkland

Cast Bulls

£1110 parkhall

Beef cow per head

£1045 Auchenhard, £895 Powflatts, £895 Kittymuir, £895 Spango

Beef cow per kilo

150p Todhall, 139p Auchenhard, 128p Powflatts, 125p Wester Whitecastle

Dairy cow per head

£755 Drumglass, £715 Moy

Dairy cow per kilo

108p Drumglass, 103p Moy, 97p East Bangour

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