Monday 30th March 2020 Primestock Report

Lawrie & Symington Ltd Lanark Agricultural Centre

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Monday 30TH March

Cattle report

Lawrie and Symington sold 72 cattle.  Limousin Heifer sold to 242p twice from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie to S Collins, Muirhead and A Elliot, Lanark.

Heifer per head

£1490 Brockwoodlees, £1455, £1405 Girtridge, £1390 South Arnloss, £1270 Auchenstarry

Heifer per kilo

242p, 240p Brockwoodlees, 234p, 232p Girtridge, 222p South Arnloss, 216p Auchenstarry

Bullock per head

£1301 Silverrig

Young Bulls per kilo

212p West Glespin

Cast Bulls per head

£1425, £1275 Over Hillhouse

Beef Cows averaged 122p and Dairy Cows averaged 90p

Beef cow per head

£965 Kittymuirhill, £905 South Arnloss

Beef cow per kilo

151p Kittymuirhill, 124p Hole of Kilncadzow, 115p South Arnloss

Dairy cow per head

£865, £800 Grangehall

Dairy cow per kilo

100p Grangehall

Sheep prime stock report

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 476 Hoggs and 599 Cast Ewes through Lanark.

A select show of 476 prime hoggs saw trade for best quality remain strong, however all other classes proved hard to cash as demand slows during uncertain times.  Please make sure you contact us before sending stock to receive best marketing advice.

The sale topped at £124 per head for Beltex from Taylor, Southholm and to 295p/kg for a Beltex from Taylor, Southholm.

Overall Average 182.5pp/kg (SQQ 188.4p/kg)


Per head

BEL - £64 Burnfoot

Per kilo

BEL – 200p Burnfoot


Per head

TEX - £75 Netherhill

BF - £60 Burnfoot

CHE - £63 Laing Terrace

Per kilo

TEX –197.4p Netherhill

CHE – 175p Laing Terrace


Per head

TEX - £110, £106 Collielaw, £103 Wellhead, £97 Silverrig, £96 Southholm, £93 Barrangary, £92, £87, £85 Wellhead

BEL – £124, £110 Southholm, £95 Burnfoot, £84 Barrangary

SUF – £72 Netherhill

CHE- £80 Southholm

Per kilo

TEX – 255.8p, 246.5p Collielaw, 228.9p Wellhead, 220.5p Silverrig, 219p Wellhead, 213.3p Southholm, 212.5p x2, 212.2p Wellhead, 211.4p Barrangary

BEL – 295.2p, 255.8p Southholm, 211.1p Burnfoot, 195.3p Barrangary, 195p x2 Cronan

SUF – 180p Netherhill

CHE –  181.8p Southholm, 180p Barrangary


Per head

TEX - £111 Southholm, £110 Wellhead, £109 Silverrig, £107 x2 Southholm, £106, £103 Wellhead, £100 Craigthornhill, £98 High East Quarter

BEL – £90 Wellhead, £85 Silverrig

SUF – £77 Netherhill

CHE - £89, £84 Southholm

Per kilo

TEX – 239.1p Wellhead, 236.2p Southholm, 223.9p Wellhead, 223p x2 Southholm, 222.4p Silverrig, 220.8p Wellhead, 196p High East Quarter

BEL – 195.7p Wellhead

CHE – 174.5p Southholm


Per head

TEX - £90 Silverrig, £85 High East Quarter

Per kilo

TEX – 169.8p Silverrig

Cast Ewes

A mixed show of 599 mainly homed and small ewes were forward with trade definitely back to reality on where we had been again with few firms really operating.

Sale topped at £95 for cont ewes from Hillside with BFL ewes to £80 from Kirkstead.  BF ewes topped at a sobering £56 from Greyside.

EASY CARE - £50 Greenbrae

BEL – £60 Burnfoot

BF – £56 Greyside, £50 Dykeneuk, £45 Philiphaugh, £45 Kirkstead

SUF – £70 Mount Lothian

CONT - £95 Hillside

X – £50 Blackpark

BFL – £80 Kirkstead


TEX – £80 Hilltop

SUF - £90 Blackpark

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