Pedigree – Scottish National Texel Show & Sale – 23rd/24th August 2023







Sponsors: Neogen and Harbro


Judge: Mr Richard Henderson, Ballynahone


Class 1: Gimmers (12 forward)

1 - Ryan Bradley, Bradleys, BYK2200448 (48)

2 - B, R and D Lowe, Tiki, XLX2200018 (47)

3 - Gary Beacom, Lakeview, LKV2208680 (41)

4- Gordon Gray, Ettrick, GGH2214417 (44)

5 - Lewis Morgan, Topbank, HUL2200408 (43)

6 – C & J Nicolson, Knockem, NUC22 190104 (18)


Class 2: Novice Ram Lamb (6 forward)

1- K and A Campbell, Overburns Gladiator (240)

2- Rory Dunlop, Star Ridge Gran Turismo (263)

3 - Fraser and Heather MacNicol, Carsaig Glenfiddich (280)

4- W & J Waite, Summerskye Geordie Boy (237)

5 - Tom Morgan, Morwood Gladiator (238)

6 – Aurlas Grant, Aurlas Google (108)


Class 3: Open Ram Lamb (23 forward)

1 - J Innes, Strathbogie Gypsy King (100)

2 - D and E Clark, Clark’s Gray Goose (58)

3 - Brian MacTaggart, Douganhill Gladiator (54)

4 - James Theyer, Clanfield Golden (250)

5 - Wrekin She’ll Mouldings, Scholars Governor (191)

6 – Allan Campbell, Strawfrank Gigolo (120)


Class 4: YDP Ram Lamb (12 forward)

1 - Stewart Ferris, Bellefield Gold Ticket (92)

2 - Harvie and Davies, Sadlerhead Glory Hunter (85)

3 - Harry Griffies, Caurngryffe Greater (1188)

4 - Douglas Webster, Lower Reiss Gangster (150)

5 - Jemma Green, Corskie Galaxy (369)

6 – Andrew Neilson, Brackenridge Gateway (346)




Class 5: Texelplus Ram Lamb (13 forward)

1 - James Theyer, Clanfield General (253)

2 - J and H Clark, Garngour Geezer (334)

3 - Andrew Clark, Teiglum Goliath (1299)

4 - Claybury Texels, Claybury Geronimo (205)

5 - Brian Hanthorn, Mullan Game Changer (133)

6 – A & J MacGregor, Allanfauld Glenfiddich (165)


Class 6: Group of Three (9 forward)

1 - Myfyr Evans, Rhaeadr (246,247,248)

2 - Messrs MacGregor, Allanfauld (164,166,167)

3 - J and H Clark, Garngour (334,336,337)


Female Champion: Ryan Bradley, Bradleys, BYK2200448 (48)


Reserve Female Champion: B, R and D Lowe, Tiki, XLX2200018 (47)


Male Champion: J Innes, Strathbogie Gypsy King (100)


Reserve Male Champion: D and E Clark, Clark’s Gray Goose (58)


Supreme Champion: J Innes, Strathbogie Gypsy King (100)


Reserve Champion: D and E Clark, Clark’s Gray Goose (58)




Topping the female sale at 9,000gns were James & Ellie Amphlett from Woodhead Farm, Leominster who run the Topwood flock. By Rhaeadr Cracker, she is out of a Clarks ewe bred by Procters Chumba Wumba. Winning the final bid was Jed Sharp, Frith at Tenbury Wells.


Next up was the Sportsmans flock from Messrs Boden & Davies who received 6,000gns. A daughter of the 26,000gns Seaforde Empire King with Castlecairn Doodlebug on the dam’s side.


The Female Champion from Ryan Bradley, who runs the Bradleys flock based at Salterford, received a final bid of 4,000gns when selling to Messrs Innes for their Strathbogie flock. They get a daughter of Hilltop Escobar, with Auldhouseburn Bolt on the dam’s side.


Leading Prices:

3,400gns Ettrick from G Gray.

3,000gns Topwood from J & E Amphlett.

2,000gns (twice) Knockem from C & J Nicolson.

2,000gns Knap from R Cockburn.

2,000gns Far Hey from RS & J Bradley


Averages: 32 gimmers sold to averaged £1622.58.



The sale topped at 170,000gns for Knap Grumpy, the third lamb consigned by Robert Cockburn from Hill of Errol, Crieff. A son of Haddo Falcon, he is out of ‘Daisy Duke’, a daughter of the 16,000gns Sportsmans Cannon Ball. He sold to Messrs Boden & Davies for their Sportsmans and Mellor Vale flocks.


Charlie and the Team had previously forked out 100,000gns for Knap’s first lamb General Lee, Grumpy’s ET Brother, keeping the pair together and holding the breeding.


Equalling the 100,000gns was the Supreme Champion, Strathbogie Gyspy King from Messrs JC Innes & Sons, Dunscroft based in Huntly, and brought out by shepherd Michael Leggat. Sired by the 28,000gns Auldhouseburn Fancy Pants, her dam is homebred by the Milnbank Dance Monkey. This lamb was sold in a four-way split between Johnny Cubitt, Long Mountain; Alastair Gault, Forkins; Rodger Strawbridge, Tamnamoney; and Pre-Show Judge, Richard Henderson, Ballynahone.


Next up was Andrew Clark’s Teiglum flock with Goliath, a substitute entry, which realised 65,000gns. Out of Forkins Fancy, a son of Sportsmans Dare Devil, his dam is by Wydden Ding Dong and spending some of his earnings, Robert Cockburn was the final bidder for his Knap flock.


Two lambs then sold at 42,000gns. The first came early in the day from Hugh and Alan Blackwood’s Auldhouseburn flock with Auldhouseburn Ghost. Out of the 130,000gns Haymount Fan Dabi Dozi, with a Sportsmans Double Diamond, a ghost he was not when he caught the eye of online bidder, Eamon Vaughan for his Partridge Nest flock based in Staffordshire.


Matching that was Ettrick Grey Goose from Gordon Gray, Sunnycroft at Selkirk. A son of the Sadlerhead Fury, out of a hombred dam by Midcombe Brigadier. Sharing this purchase was Nick Legge, Thorbury; Keith, Roy and Allan Campbell, Cowal; and Kenny Pratt, Hilltop, with the fourth share being retained by vendor.


Next at 36,000gns saw Auldhouseburn sell Gazza to a three-way split between Kenny Pratt, Hilltop; Robert Cockburn, Knap; and Mark Priestley, Seaforde. For their money, they get a son of Haymount Fan Dabi Dozi, out of a 2021-born dam by Sportsmans Double Diamond.


Three lambs then sold at 30,000gns. Early in the day was Clarks Gray Goose, the Pre-Sale Reserve Overall Champion from David and Elizabeth Clark, Lee Meadow at Braidwood. A son of Allanfauld Frisky Galore, a son of the 26,000gns Seaforde Egyptian Warrior, he has Procters Chumba Wumba on his dam’s side. He heads to Selkirk to join the Ettrick flock of Gordon Gray.


Next at 30,000gns was another substitute entry, this one was Hilltop Golden Eye from Kenny Pratt, and brought out by shepherd Richard Reynolds. Another sired by Auldhouseburn Fancy Pants, his dam is a Sportsmans Chieftain homebred daughter. He was purchased by B B Farrell, Obertown; A Breen, Drumderg; RJ Dunne, Corforvation; and T Dolan, Cloneyfad.


The final 30,000gns bid was for Clanfield Golden from James Theyer. A son of the 160,000gns Rhaeadr First Choice with his dam by the 100,000gns Auldhouseburn Expression, this lamb headed home in a three-way split to Jemma Green, Corskie; David and sons David and James McKerrow, Uppermill; and Robbie Wilson, Milnbank.


Other leading prices:

24,000gns Hexel Geronimo from D & S MacPherson

22,000gns Garngour Geeze from J & H Clark

20,000gns Sportsmans Grand Slam from Boden & Davies

16,000gns Scholars Governor from Wrekin Shell Mouldings Ltd

15,000gns Mullan Game Changer from B Hanthorn

15,000gns Midlock Grizzley from K Wight

15,000gns Auldhouseburn Godfather from H & A Blackwood

12,000gns Midlock Gran Torino from K Wight

10,000gns Overburns Gladiator from K & A Campbell

10,000gns Clanfield General from J Theyer


Average: 222 ram lambs averaged £5311.25 (281 forward) with 3-six figure prices and 17-five figure prices realised.

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