Sale Date: 04 Sept 2018

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 4th September

We had forward 714 Store Cattle. Bullocks sold to £1325 from Thankerton Camp Farm, Thankerton, or to 244p from Auchren Farm, Lesmahagow, to average 211.2p. Heifers sold to £1200 from Ladyurd Farm, or to 250p from Newtonhead Farm, Kilmaurs, to average 206.7p.

Bullock per Kilo
301-350kg: 233p Skerrington, 228p Newtonhead.
351-400kg: 234p Laigh Park (Blairnavaid), 230p Auchren, 229p Peacockbank.
401-450kg: 244p Auchren, 230p Auchren, 226p Cleugh.
451-500kg: 238p Rusha, 236p Bankhead, 232p Rusha.
501-550kg: 234p Rusha, 213p Craigside, 213p Cairnie.
551-600kg: 218p Rusha, 209p Birkhill.
601-650kg: 214p Thankerton Camp, 206p Cairnie.

Bullock per Head
301-350kg: £795 Skerrington, £780 Newtonhead.
351-400kg: £870 Skerrington, £870 Newtonhead, £870 Auchren.
401-450kg: £1070 Auchren, £990 Almont, £970 Skerrington.
451-500kg: £1165 Bankhead, £1095 Rusha, £1090 Rusha.
501-550kg: £1190 Rusha, £1170 Craigside, £1165 Skerrington.
551-600kg: £1230 Rusha, £1165 Birkhill, £1110 Thankerton Camp.
601-650kg: £1325 Thankerton Camp, £1260 Cairnie.
651+kg: £1310 Thankerton Camp.

Heifer per Kilo
251-300kg: 204p Laigh Carnduff.
301-350kg: 208p Laigh Carnduff, 204p West Carnduff.
351-400kg: 223p Laigh Park (Blairnavaid), 219p Oldhill, 214p Skerrington.
401-450kg: 230p Newtonhead, 224p Oldhill, 219p Auchren.
451-500kg: 250p Newtonhead, 228p Bankhead, 225p Smithston.
501-550kg: 221p Oldhill, 220p Newtonhead, 210p Broomfield.
551-600kg: 207p Ladyurd.

Heifer per Head
251-300kg: £570 Laigh Carnduff.
301-350kg: £680 Laigh Carnduff, £635 West Carnduff.
351-400kg: £880 Laigh Park (Blairnavaid), £870 Oldhill, £840 Skerrington.
401-450kg: £1025 Newtonhead, £985 Almont, £965 Skerrington.
451-500kg: £1180 Newtonhead, £1105 Bankhead, £1090 Smithston.
501-550kg: £1195 Oldhill, £1180 Newtonhead, £1090 Broomfield.
551-600kg: £1200 Ladyurd, £1180 Thankerton Camp.

Dairy Bullock per Kilo
200p Peacockbank, 152p Cuff, 149p Dykeneuk, 144p Ainville, 142p Coldwakening, 142p Lindsayton.

Dairy Bullock per Head
£810 Peacockbank, £730 Loanfoot, £720 Craigthorn, £705 Midhill, £700 Cuff.

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