Sale Date: 07 Aug 2018

Lawrie and Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 7th August

L & S had 228 cattle forward to their fortnightly sale. Bullocks topped at £1260 from Lochurd Farm, and to 228p from Overburns Farm to average 205.2p/Kg. Heifers topped at £1225 also from Lochurd Farm, and to 215.4p from Parkerston Farm, to average 195p/Kg. Black and White’s topped at £855 from Lettrickhills to average143p.

Bullocks per Head (92)
0-300kg: £500 Lawriesmuir.
301-350kg: £680Drumboy, £650 Parkerston.
351-400kg: £870 Drumboy, £870 Parkerston.
401-450kg: £940 Parkerston, £930 Craighead
451-500kg: £1080 Overburns, £1000 Letham.
501-550kg: £1150 Tanhill, £1100 Overburns.
551-600kg: £1200 Lochurd.
601-650kg: £1255 Lettrickhills.
651+kg: £1260 Lochurd.

Bullocks per Kg
0-300kg: 1.84p Lawriesmuir.
301-350kg: 2.14p Parkerston, 2.01p Drumboy.
351-400kg: 2.27p Parkerston, 2.23p Strathavon.
401-450kg: 2.19p Craighead, 2.17p Parkerston.
451-500kg: 2.28p Overburns, 2.11p Letham.
501-550kg: 2.12p Overburns, 2.12p Tanhill.
551-600kg: 2.03p Lochurd.
601-650kg: 2.03p Lettrickhills.
651+kg: 1.86p Lochurd.

Heifers per Head (63)
0-300kg: £500 Lawriesmuir.
301-350kg: £700 Strathavon, £670 Lawriesmuir.
351-400kg: £840 Parkerston, £700 Newlands.
401-450kg: £920 Strathavon, £920 Parkerston.
451-500kg: £935 Newlands.
501-550kg: £1090 Lochurd, £1050 Parklea.
551-600kg: £1170 Parklea.
601-650kg: £1225 Lochurd.

Heifers per Kg
0-300kg: 1.79p Lawriesmuir.
301-350kg: 2.12p Strathavon, 2.09p Lawriesmuir.
351-400kg: 2.15p Parkerston, 1.85p Newhouse.
401-450kg: 2.12p Strathavon, 2.07p Parkerston.
451-500kg: 2.00p Newlands.
501-550kg: 2.07p Tanhill, 2.05p Lochurd.
551-600kg: 1.96p Parklea.
601-650kg: 1.91p Lochurd.

B&W per Head
£855, £845 & £825 Lettrickhills, £730 Tanhill, £715 Windyedge.

B&W per Kg
1.99p Windyedge, 1.47p Lettrickhills.

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