Sale Date: 8 Oct 2018

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

Monday 8th October

147 Cattle Sold 147

Limousin Heifer sold to 251p/Kg from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie, to S Collins Butchers, Muirhead. Limousin Bullock sold to 244p/Kg from I Wainwright, Todhall Farm, Cupar, to Chapman Butchers, Wishaw.

Heifer per Kilo

£251p & £250p Brockwoodlees, £249p & £246p Todhall, £242p Auchenstarry, £232p Oldhill, £226p Parkhall.

Heifer per Head

£1533 Todhall, £1510 Brockwoodlees, £1465 Parkhall, £1331 Oldhill.

Bullock per Kilo

£244p & £240p Todhall, £240p Brockwoodlees, £231p Oldhill.

Bullock per Head

£1478 & £1412 Todhall, £1363 Brockwoodlees.

Young Bulls

215p Mackiesmill, 210p East Merkland.

Cast Bulls

£895 Bushelhead.

Beef Cow per Head

£985 Hartside, £975 Parkhall, £935 Bushelhead, £905 Lee Meadow, £895 Westmains & Hole of Kilncadzow.

Beef Cow per Kilo

134p Hartside, 124p Westmains & Parkhall.

Dairy Cow per Head

£855 Blyth & Boghall.

Dairy Cow per Kilo

110p Boghall, 108p Blyth.


Fewer calves were forward for our fortnightly calf sale, more could have been sold to a busy ringside of buyers. The sale topped at £275 for a Limousin Bull calf from Byretown.

Other Top Prices include:-

£265 for a Hereford x Bull Calf

£200 for a Simmental x Bullock


2429 Lambs and 1249 Cast Ewes were sold 

The sale topped at £96 per head for Texels from R Reid, Bengall Farm, and to 197p/Kg for Beltex from Messrs Lambie, Ashcraig Farming. Overall average 164p/Kg (SQQ 165p/Kg).


Another good show of lambs saw trade similar on the week. Best quality and flesh firmer, although the plainer end of the lambs were harder to cash.

Principle Price/Head

TEX - £96 (2x), £95 & £94 Bengal, £92 (2x) Collielaw, £91.50 Hillend, £90 High Parks & Collielaw & Garngour, £88 Little Kype.

BEL - £85 High Parks & Little Kype, £84 Carstairs Mains, £81 Ingraston.

SUFF - £80.50 Birks, £80 Yeldabrek, £79.50 Redburn, £78.50 Burnetland.

MULE - £70 Nether Abington & Kirkton of Crawford.

BF - £68.50 Gibblaston.

NCC - £80 Hallhill, £78.50 Ryeflatt & Hallhill.

Principle Price/Kg

TEX – 197p Ashcraig, 195p (2x) Collielaw, 191p High Parks, 190p Drumbuie, 188p Bengal & Yeldabrek.

BEL – 190p Shawhead, 184p Little Kype, 180p High Parks.

SUFF – 165p Cairnie & Carstairs Mains & Mossplatt, 164p Newton of Wiston & Hill.

MULE – 159p Nether Abington, 154p Shawhead.

BF – 180p Gibblaston.

NCC – 178p Ryeflatt.


Another large show of 1249 Ewes and Rams saw trade similar on the week, with best ewes and heavy ewes keenly bid for. Blackface ewes also sold well if good meat. Sale topped at £135 for Texels from Collielaw.

Principle Prices

TEX - £135 Collielaw, £134 Greenhill, £129 Collielaw, £118 Hartwood, £116 Scotstounbank, £108 Birks.

SUFF - £95 Greenhill, £87 Little Kype, £83 Westfield.

MULE - £75 Drumbuie, £73 Townfoot, £72 Drumbuie & Over Kypeside.

CHEV - £64 Goodockhill, £58 Craigthorn.

BF - £52 Auldhouseburn, £46 Gosland & Auldhouseburn, £43 Townfoot, £42 Auchenlongford & Auldhouseburn.

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