19 March 2019 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie and Symington had 1051 forward at their fortnightly sale on Tuesday. The sale topped at £1350 for a superb Limx Bullock from Marion Peat, Greenhill farm, Lesmahagow and to 246p/kg for a Limx Bullock from JF Grant, South Carnduff Farm Strathaven, to Average 210p/kg. Heifers sold to £1260 for a Limx Heifer Again From  Greenhill Farm and to 242p/kg from A Minto and Son, Townhead Farm, Dolphinton to Average 197.6p. Dairy bred Bullocks sold to a top of £860 and to 160p/kg for a pen of BF from South Biggart Farm to average 136.

Bullocks Per Head

0-300kg  £710 Woolands (Carmichael)

301-350kg  £795 Pumplaburn, £790 West Blackmoss

351-400kg  £930 Glenrath, £925 Hall of Torbane

401-450kg  £1070 Wester Hassockrigg, £1040 South Carnduff

451-500kg £1140 Lawhead, £1105 Tippethill

501-550kg  £1130 Haywoodhead, £1120 Wester Walston

551-600kg  £1240 Wester Walston, £1230 Blairmulloch

601-650kg £1350, £1320 Greenhill

Bullocks Per Kilo

0-300kg  2.37p Woodland (Carmichael)

301-350kg 2.40p Knockenhair, 2.39p West Blackmoss

351-400kg  2.43p Hall of Torbane, 2.42p Glenrath

401-450kg  2.45p South Carnduff, 2.41p Wester Hassockrigg

451-500kg 2.33p Kirkton of Crawford, 2.30p Cleugh

501-550kg  2.21p Haywoodhead, 2.12p North Carrine

551-600kg  2.10p Wester Walston, 2.08p Blairmulloch

601-650kg 2.15p,2.14p Greenhill

Heifers per head

0-300kg  £490 Bagmoors

301-350kg  £715 Nisbet, £680 Keil

351-400kg  £855 Townhead, £850 Posso, £840 Lee Meadow

401-450kg  £1080 Townhead, £1030 Cuttlehill

451-500kg £1120 Drumalbin, £1090 Ladyurd

501-550kg  £1165 Blairmulloch,£1100 Kirton of Crawford

551-600kg  £1260 Greenhill, £1190 Blairmulloch

Heifers Per Kilo

0-300kg  1.91p Bagmoors

301-350kg  2.28p Nisbet, 1.99p Carstairs Mains

351-400kg  2.25p Nisbet, 2.23p Townhead

401-450kg  2.42p Townhead, 2.35p Cuttlehill

451-500kg 2.32p Townhead, 2.26p Ladyurd

501-550kg  2.17p Blairmulloch, 2.04p Kirkton of Crawford

551-600kg  2.12p Greenhill, 2.10p Blairmulloch

Dairy Bullocks

£860 South Biggart, £780 Kilburn, £860 East Hyndshawland

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