20 AUGUST 2019 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 20th August

L&S sold 649 store & breeding cattle at their fortnightly sale. Bullocks topped at £1265 for an Aberdeen Angus x from Overburns farming, and to 251p/kg for the same beast, to average 187.5p/kg. Heifers topped at £1145 for a Simmental x from Lochurd farm, West Linton, and to 216.6p/kg for a British Blue from Laigh Park (Blairnavaid), Milngavie, to average 183.8p/kg. Dairy bred bullocks topped at £990 for a Holstein bullock from Wellburn farm, Lesmahagow, and to 167.4p/kg from Drumalea farm, Campbeltown, to average 132.7p/kg.

Bullocks per head/per kg

0-350kg: £670; 213.4p Woodlands (Carmichael).

351-400kg: £765; 203p Elsrickle Mains.

401-450kg: £990; 228.1p Laigh Park (Blairnavaid).

451-500kg: £1235; 249p Rusha.

501-550kg: £1265; 251p Overburns.

551-600kg: £1145; 204.5p Rusha.

601-650kg: £1180 Lochurd; 191.2p Oldhill.

651+kg: £1200; 175.2p Oldhill.

Heifers per head/per kg

0-400kg: £755 Nether Balgray; 191.3p Laigh Park (Blairnavaid).

401-450kg: £860; 198.2p Whitehill (Gartcosh).

451-500kg: £1070; 216.6p Laigh Park (Blairnavaid).

501-550kg: £1035 Birkhill; 194.4p Whitehill (Gartcosh).

551-600kg: £1085 Haspielaw; 193.8p Lochurd.

601kg+: £1145; 173p Lochurd.

Dairy bullocks

£800 Drumalea, £790 Midhouse, £770 Drumalea, £755 Parklea, £750 Haspielaw.

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